In spite of the current issues and horrible shit going on in the world. Paris may be in the limelight due to the horrific event of last night and those events were horrific and need media attention, but in spite of this but don’t forget about the other lives lost and lives lost especially in areas almost seemingly ‘forgotten’ in the media such as Syria at the current point in time. This is a major worldwide issue regarding breaches of human rights, terrorism and losses of homes and freedom. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes and current lives in order to survive; leaving all of their belongings at home and risking lives making dangerous sea crossings and risking being trafficked off to abusers to get out. This is desperation. People hate on refugees for ‘stealing their jobs’ but can’t you see that these are fellow humans in the world whose lives and freedom is massively in breach and are desperate? These people need to be helped instead of hated on otherwise we are just as bad as what is making them flee in the first place. This terrorism has no religion so you cannot don’t blanket people under a terrorist idea. Terrorism is religionless and barbaric, arguably even inhuman. People are so quick to freak out if someone says ‘white people shoot up schools’ but then say that all Muslims for one example are terrifying and terrorists, does that mean that practically everyone should be branded a terrorist? Because if we were to blame an entire religion, race, gender etc on horrific events that have happened/are happening then it won’t be long before the entire world is stereotyped as terrorists.
It’s exceptionally easy to sit back and think ‘oh well somebody else will do something to help, so i don’t need to’ but what happens if everyone thinks like that? That’s why I think everyone needs to get involved. This is a worldwide crisis, irrespective of religion, race, gender identity, sexual orientation – anything, we all share a planet and need to look after one another; we are just purely humans and don’t deserve to risk our lives fleeing from somewhere incredibly dangerous only to receive harassment and unacceptance once they’ve reached somewhere safer. It’s so easy to think ‘oh they made it safely here or another safe refuge’ good, cool fine; but their journeys aren’t over, nor at all. Dealing with emotional issues, grief, stress, hatred and intolerance by bigoted people without empathy for our fellow dwellers of the planet.Just my views, keep your minds open please. X