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That friend you love normally till she implies your a stick.

Normally I adore my good friend. She’s nice, but sometimes too blunt and a little self centered. So I had put on a jacket and a undershirt today since I was going to hit the gym after my classes before there was a lecture I needed to attend. She needed to attend too so we sat together. Anyway, to give you some perspective she’s a little over 250 lbs and about a little over average height like 5″6 or 5″5 in short big girl. So she’s decided to go on a diet since she gained most of the weight during the first years of college, we were eating ice cream at the time of the conversation, and I agreed it would be good for her to go with her plan to start working out next week. She leaned over at some point and touched my jacket at some point deciding it was necessary to comment on how I’m thin but not curvy like her. I’m 5″3, 117bs, have a 20in waist, 28in Chest, 29in Hips and wear a 28E bra. Wtf, a lose jacket and a undershirt should not suddenly make me curve less. It’s so petty to rant about this but the hell? I never call her so much as big nor do I point out that she has no curves either. Carries her weight in her stomach,like I said love her but just felt very offended at being called curveless when I work out everyday and like my shape.I shouldn’t need validation from others, I know I have a odd size and that I’m very tiny, but it’s nice in my opinion since I have a small frame and am short. Still why is there a need to point something like that out, yeah my clothes are baggy doesn’t mean I’m huge. She’s sees me every other day for about two years now, we shop together alot, she knew I had on two layers and a sports bra which compresses the size of your chest. I just don’t see why she’d call me curve less.


Ya wonder why?


People who wear surgical masks in public offend me


  1. Anonymous

    This is only me speaking from personal experience, but here I go. I don’t think you’re petty for ranting about this at all. I know that comments like that can be really annoying. Maybe she wanted you to say something that would make her feel as if SHE was more attractive than she felt, like that she didn’t need to exercise in the first place, and when you instead told her that it’d be better if she exercised she might have taken it the wrong way. You were being supportive in a very respectable way, and I think she should and will eventually appreciate your words, but in the moment, she may have just felt like YOU were the one insulting HER, even though you didn’t mean that at all. In her head she might have been in the mindset of “it’s good that you’re exercising=you need to exercise=you’re fat=you’re pathetic”. I’m sure that’s not at all what you were implying, but maybe that’s just how she felt. However, this does not at all excuse the fact that she tried to make you feel bad, or to put it a different way, make herself feel good at your expense. You were being supportive of her and she lashed out, which you didn’t deserve at all.

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds to me like she needs a “harsh” trainer at the gym. Maybe you could fill that role. But you can’t hold her hand all the time. Apparently, she like her chicken and dumplings. As far as her implying you’re curveless, bah,,take it with a grain of salt. I bet your curves are more sexy than hers. If a guy like me has to move flaps of fat around to get my penis in, it’s kinda gross. She needs a brutal wake up call. Heeheehee. 2 hours straight on the treadmill.

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