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The Bitch

My sister has not talked to me in 7 months.

We’re not in the same country so our main source of communication was the internet. Of course.

One day she decided to be a bitch and just stop talking to me. To this day I still have no idea why. Maybe she’s just a bitch.

There are so many questions I want to ask.
Why are you doing this?
Why are you only not talking to me?
What did i do wrong?
What can i do to get you to talk to me again?
How has your life been?
Have you been okay?
When are you going to talk to me?

I FUCKING MISS YOU. please just


please talk to me

i really
need you


The Bitch


My “Bestfriend”


  1. Anonymous

    She might just be like that! My best friend for 7 years admitted that when she left Hawaii, she stopped talking with her then best friend. Now she’s done the same with me.
    But it’s different with your sister. You expect her to be there forever. I’m sorry that didn’t happen. I wish we knew each other. I wish I had a sister. Ok so I do have a sister, but she wants nothing to do with us as sisters.

  2. Anonymous

    the best thing you can do is just accept how she is. she might have a mental illness or hiding something on you or she feels resentful over something you did? she might have a guilty conscience or she just enjoys hurting and having power over your thoughts and feelings and you are asking a lot of questions. people did this to me also. and sorry but you got to either learn to do it back to them or just ignore it and don’t take it so seriously. you could try to write a letter to her or send her birthday card and ask her those questions. or go see her face to face and ask. tell her how much its mentally effecting you. I have a brother and a sister who did this to me so I did it back cuz my therapist told me to. if they can ignore you and shut you shut them out. if you are worried about their mental health or its just driving you mad go see them ask them. don’t kill yourself over it. I went through that trying to work out what I did wrong to relatives who were game playing shutting me out on facebook so I got police in and we shut them all out and stopped their games. I don’t mind them contacting me but they must learn to respect me better. set boundaries and I don’t tolerate crap from people now. I don’t just be nice for the sake of being nice anymore. not afraid to hurt others feelings sometimes is a good thing because it lets them know you are not letting them have control over you.

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