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The down side of college education

I just added another $5,000 in my already almost $10,000 student loans. On top of that, my friend who I thought would understand y feelings claims I shouldn’t be salty about this one other friend that got a work study offer even though he already gets his college paid off full, and even receives refund money. She says she doesn’t understand why i’m feeling this way. It pisses me off because she herself is privileged. It pisses me off because she has no right to tell me what I should and should not feel.

She’s not that one who’s just a green card resident, that in itself by law takes away soooooo many scholarship opportunities for me. She’s not the one who only has one parent to pay for 2 students going to college. She’s not the one who has to depend on fast food employee salary. Now am I gonna stay salty about this situation? YESSSS!!! because at the end of the day.. even though I’m more qualified than most people getting all these grants and scholarships, and work my butt off in classes, argue with her on why my feelings are valid, and eventhough I cry my eyes out for struggling to pay for college.. I still am left with nothing, but thousands of dollars in college loans.


Ugly, creepy guys!


my life is emotionally a reck

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  1. Anonymous

    just keep working hard, it will pay off. Although I never had college dept, I was a green card holder who constantly looked at the backs of more privileged and successful people. I make over six figures now and those same people respect the shit out of me. anything can happen. don’t give up.

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