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The fuck?

So here I am a senior in high school all ready to graduate When a teacher has the nerve to to tell me that I don’t have all my credits. Now in 9th grade my band teacher told me that my P.E. credits would be waved if I did all four years of band through high school otherwise three credits would be required. So I took classes that actually mattered like physics and chemistry instead of P.E. and did my four years of band, But now its the beginning of my senior year and this bitch tells me I will not have enough credits to graduate. Like, back the fuck up, its not my fault that two of my band teachers lied to me and the choir teacher, that’s not my fault. I was given false information and they plan to keep me in this hell hole of a high school because of it. No fucking way. My grades are great, I’m in all A.P. classes, and national honor society. and they want to hold me back because they gave me bad information three years in a row. The fuck?!?
Then she tells me “well you should have asked before this” like I’m sorry for trusting three different teachers to tell me the truth and not screw everything up. If they try to keep me from graduating oh do they have another thing coming.




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The place to rant