Did you know according to the Geneva Convention, punishing an entire group of people for the crimes of a few or one is considered a war crime? Because my holier-than-thou science teacher sure hasn’t.

Please, PLEASE, tell me why taking a useless quiz on material we hadn’t seen in a week is a suitable punishment for one group leaving their graduated cylinder out?

Because, you see, my grade in the class is lower, my GPA dropped a point, and honestly I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack. But yeah. Someone didn’t listen to your oh-so-important knowledge as an educator so an example had to be made. Should you ever even find this, I’d like you to know you have no grasp on the stress of honors classes and need to get over yourself. I cannot wait for you to have your baby so we get a better teacher for a few months. Maybe we’ll do better on finals that way.