I just can’t take it anymore! Watching everyone, and I mean EVERYONE constantly argue about who’s a snowflake, cuck, feminist/feminazi, nazi, libtard, sjw, etc etc etc. So much rampant stupidity, I have never seen so many people senselessly riled up! I watch some men who get tired of people telling them about male privelege, mansplaining etc, get upset about being judged and stereotyped go on to instantly call every woman that disagrees with him, a feminazi or libtard! Then, I watch these same women run around calling every man they see a rapist! It’s total insanity! It’s as if the election caused everyone to split into these radical groups where they all have certain leaders they look up to and just digest every ounce of rhetoric fed to them by these people. Now, it feels like I can’t escape the lectures and rants from people who’ve been so segregated into their little groups, and they DO have all of their own repetitive rhetoric, it’s almost robotic!!! The Right “You’re just a lazy, whiny, liberal millenial who’s never worked one real day in his life. You’re probably just sad you went to college, got brainwashed by the liberal agenda, and now have to pay off thousands of dollars of loans while you live in mommy’s basement. Looks like someone needs a safe space, snowflake” And then the Left “You’re a sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, cis-gendered scum who thinks he can benefit off of the slavery off african-americans ,the genocide of native americans and the cheap labor of latino americans with your white-male privilege!”

There is so much more repetitive rhetoric floating around than this. I wish and pray people would not allow this JUNK in their heads. If you talk like this, or just continuously repeat things you’ve heard other people say PLEASE STOP. Please stop, calm down, think about it YOURSELF for awhile and draw your own conclusion. PLEASE. I want to hear how you truly feel. Not your professor, not some guy on youtube or facebook, not a group on Tumblr or Reddit, not the news or a celebrity, not even your family – JUST YOU.