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A few things have pissed me right off today! First off all, my sister cant accept a place at college because she cant afford to come off benefits!! She will be 28 soon, has been a carer for my mum for many, many years and yet there is no support to move her into education to gain some qualifications to better herself!! Bloody ridiculous!! Having looked into it, she is penalised for bot having kids!! The system is so back to front its unreal! I’ve even emailed Nicola sturgeon!!! A feel so sad for her as she was really upset!! She basically is stuck on benefit, or she could risk it and potentially be unable to pay her rent!! How is that fair????? Also, a woman was jailed today for benefit fraud of 70grand. They have said she claimed as a single person when she actually lived with her partner. Ot didn’t state if he was working or bot, but I know people who do this, purely to keep their head above water, and have actually done it myself in order to manage!! Its not ok. I understand that, but should people who are working not be making enough to fuckin live on in the first place! People are driven to this!! Again, because the system is fucked!! I could go on about this for ages and get into the politics of it, but nothing will change I dont imagine! More people need to campaign and not be scared to voice their opinions! Its a shame people get stuck in a hole and have to just stay there!!


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  1. Anonymous

    No wonder this country is bankrupt and the There is not enough money for NHS! Every second person is fiddling the system with benefits! Live according to your means! Let your sister live with your Mother or let her work every weekend and evenings to put herself through fucking uni! Why must the tax payer pay her to go to uni??? Why must we pay her fucking rent???? And you should be fucking ashamed of yourself for lying about your status and so should everyone you mentioned knowing who lie about living with a parter in order to claim benefits!! You fucking lying cheering fucking people make me sick!

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