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Recently I’ve realised that from when we are young, we are told and asked about our aspirations, what we want in life and some people know what they want, other don’t. In the end they are always influenced by our upbringing, so if your upbringing is strict, you are limited to your choices as your aspirations.
If you want to be creative, you can’t because the people around shackle you to the ground. Even if you try and break free, who else is out there by your side other than those who chain you initially?
“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”-Rumi
Sure that’s a neat saying but how are you meant to hold on when others won’t let go?
In reality, we are given false hope from when we are young, ensured we can do something until we realise we don’t know how. When you ask how, they’ll say – “you have to be independent.”
Being thrown in the deep-end only works for those who strive for greatness, but what about those who struggle with the concept of striving for a goal. They are bound to drown- and the rest are blind, deaf and mute to the chaos below their very feet.
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