This is a really dumb, minor thing that’s been bugging me for the past couple weeks. I ordered an art commission from some guy, but he didn’t really have his commission info straightened out for some reason. I showed him the characters, he set a price, I accepted, and it’s been a month since then. By now he’s fixed up his info, and when I saw it a couple weeks ago it specifically listed something from my character that he really, really didn’t want to do – he mentions it whenever he posts his commission info now – although he’d do it for a large, extra sum.

He hasn’t contacted me for the past month, even though I’ve sent him messages, but I know he’s active and has almost certainly seen them. I just feel so bad that I’m making him draw something he clearly hates, especially without paying him extra (don’t have the money to add on). I want to cancel the commission because I feel so bad. But at the same time, it’s grating that he’s finishing tons of other commissions before mine, when I ordered first (he hasn’t even sketched it yet – so I haven’t paid yet, as per his guidelines). I’m not sure if he’ll ever get around to it??? I’d like to spend that money on other things, if he isn’t, and stop feeling so stupidly guilty (maybe he feels bad too?). That’s it for this stupid rant.