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I don’t understand religion. I was raised a Baptist. My dad used to be a preacher. I still go to church with him almost every Sunday. I just don’t get it though. I’ve always been told that our religion is right and every other religion is wrong, but isn’t that what everyone thinks of their own religion? I mean, people KILL because they can’t agree on what happens after you die. How can someone blindly accept something with no proof? I don’t actually know what I believe in. I know I believe in human thought but is that all there is? I’m totally lost here. I WANT to believe in something but I just don’t know of anything that I find plausible enough for me to turn my life over to. I saw a rant earlier about how we would all just be terrible people if there was no religion to force us to be good because it “doesn’t really matter,” but I don’t really agree with that person. I like to think of myself as a decent human being (but don’t we all) with or without a religion. I think human beings should just be nice and kind and try to help each other out. Why can’t we just make life suck a little less? Why does there have to be some sort of reward in order for me to go and buy someone lunch or babysit my neighbors kids while she takes a day to herself? Why can’t I just donate food to my local food drive because I hate the idea of people not having a meal to eat? Is it so hard to believe that maybe I just want to see people around me happy without thinking that some higher being was in charge of that? Maybe I’m just trying to make someone’s day a little better. But no, instead, we have religions. People killing people because their god told them to. People not interacting with each other because they’re afraid of what the other person believes. Students being discriminated against at school because they don’t believe in what everyone else believes in. Families falling apart because they interpret the same Bible differently. Parents punishing children for wanting to go to a different kind of church with one of their friends.

If religion is something that makes you happy and brings peace to your mind, by all means, you practice that religion until the day you die. But please don’t hate me because I don’t believe in what you believe in. I promise that I’ll still be kind to you if you’ll still be kind to me. Don’t make someone else’s life hell because you want to get into heaven.


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  1. BacardiSmalls

    You hit the nail on the head, as far as I’m concerned! I get so tired of people thinking that you have to be religious in order to want good in the world. My wife and I are atheists and we try to live our lives to as decent people because that’s how we want to live, not because some ancient deity told us we have to. We actually adopted all three of our children from the foster system and people automatically assume that we’re Christians because of this. If only they knew the truth.

  2. Angela

    Same, I want to spend my time sending bread for our poor and the outcast.

  3. Allie212002

    See we’re good only because of God and all the evil we see in this world is because of LACK of God. Think about it this way… When you turn the lights on in a dark room, it become bright. Now here, God is the light. If God’s not there in this world, then we’re filled with sin. We could all be good people, who want only good for others and who dislike sin and evil But we can’t be good by ourselves. We NEED God to be good. Only God can set us free from the sins we were born into. I used to be a very bad person before I came to Christ. He’s good all the time. And he only wants the best for us. Like Jesus even came down to earth to set us free. I mean what more could we ask of God. Now I’m in no way perfect…not even close BUT I do know I have a heavenly father to watch over me when I can’t. Hope I helped : )

  4. Anonymous

    Hey OP,

    Raised Baptist here too. I never really understood the different denominations and I probably still don’t! What I do understand and know though, is my faith. I have faith in God that He will protect me and be with me no matter what. By faith I believe that He found a way to reunite us with Him when we die and leave this earth. And because of my faith, I change my actions accordingly. These actions might align with what the “religion” dictates, but really anyone can follow a religion… while not everyone has faith! So yeah, I guess I don’t understand religion either. I don’t understand why people force other people to believe in the same things they do, especially when that other person hasn’t yet cultivated that relationship of trust with God- when that person doesn’t know how good it feels to have faith in God. So when a friend asks me if I’m religious, I always take a step back… looking at our history, religion truly is horrible. But looking at people’s faith in God, like Hudson Taylor or any story from Chicken Soup for the Soul, now that’s truly amazing!

    Keep your head up! All the best.

  5. LOVE

    Ahm well, I got really serious on God but not on religion, because focusing on God is different from focusing on religion… I’m a Christian and when I talk to Muslim online it’s okay because they still believe on God but different from Jesus but I still keep on mind that God told me to love others… Sometimes people are just scared that they’ll go to hell… the righteous become to slow down with religions right now I guess, if they know that killing is prohibited from God and it’s blur from right because if that is really right then there should be no sorrow.. I might say Don’t love or focus on religion , the matter is God , that he loves you…. I don’t like killing for It is not righteous as the commandment told us not..
    There’s no really bad teaching on Bible but I’m trying to wait for God to talk because sometimes I felt like they’re is something wrong… Well I still know that God is alive and watching since he loves me and I know he got the answers then I’ll wait… And for me not to be deceived and blind…. I’m scared too you know… I’m a mere human that hopes for her God or so called Father

  6. That One Guy

    This is a big concept in religion: many of them don’t want you to ash “why” because they lack proof. No one is quite sure how or why religions started doing this. Some say it’s because they don’t have actual proof as to how they are right, others say it’s because people are confused about which story is right, and even more outright attack you if you try to figure it out.

    As an atheist myself (mainly because of my “I don’t care” nature), I know plenty of people from different religions than myself and we all get along just fine. Hell, my main group of friends consists of a Muslim, a Buddhist, and a Catholic. Whatever’s waiting after this world can wait until we’re out of this world. Crossing that bridge when you get to it, in other words.

    I can’t help but chuckle when people go at it because of that. For whatever reason we’re on Earth, we’re here. If your religion tells you to hate everyone that isn’t part of your group and condemn them to eternal suffering because they don’t agree, then why do you think they’re good? Many don’t bother to ask themselves that and instead turn a blind eye. If you truly want answers for yourself, just don’t bring it up. Dying doesn’t matter right now because you aren’t dying.

    I’m glad to hear you’re living your life without caring about the religions BS. Kudos to you, my friend. Love and peace.

  7. Anonymous

    TBH I never really grew up with a religion. I think that you can believe what you want to believe, although there needs to be a point where you understand what’s right, not in your religion, but what’s right. Honestly I don’t know any religion but I believe that if you are a good person, you should go to heaven.

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