I believe that the allied powers that won World War II rewrote history but I don’t claim to know which parts. I know all sides had concentration camps and am sure a lot of people got killed or died during the war but I just find it hard to believe that the western allies were the “good” guys and the other side was just bad/evil the devil incarnate. I don’t believe that denying WWII history should be a crime. I read that you can go to jail in certain European countries if you say publicly that you don’t believe in or have doubts about the Allied version of the specifics of the holocaust.

Before you go saying I am racist, I am not an anti-semite because that would mean that I believe in race or religion as somehow determining someone’s character or aptitude. I believe all humans tend to lie and be bad when they can get away with it. I just don’t believe what one side says the other side did during the war when those on other are either dead or in prison or unable to speak because they would be put in prison for saying otherwise.