Anyone else sick of the broken system we must abide by? I’m ready to start something new. Sacrifice is inevitable. Might as well make one or a few that are worth it. Like feeding the chickens we eat so we know how healthy the meat is and when it was harvested. We rely on people to do a shabby job butchering the meat that a chicken was tortured to give away. Then they saturate it in chemicals so we don’t get sick but they freeze and thaw it so many times that by the time it gets in our carts, it’s old. I’d rather quickly kill my own chickens that got raised well and get good meat than spend another ounce of my sweat working toward a goal that is never met. I’m so sick of this twisted system. Let’s watch people suffer and die on tv but let other people slaughter and prepare our meat. Wtf. I love veggies but I need good meat too. Why is my labor not good enough for that?