Okay soooo im going to rant about my boyfriend. So i found picture he screenshoted off of instagram of a bunch of preppy bitches that go to our school and a few girls he used to fuck with and a picture of his ex. And i tell him all the fucking time that i hate myself , i hate what i look like, im fat, etc. And we fuck everyday btw. But i guess im not good enough? I dont know i jsut hate when i find pics like that on his phone cause I GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS. I send him pictures of myself. I give him myself. And still that isnt fucking good enough. he has to have something hot to look at. someone with a nice body, someone whos skinny. He told me he was going to mastubate to them. FUCK THAT. i give him so much and i get shit. what? am i not pretty enough for him? is he tired of looking at me? tbh if hes gonna keep doing that he might as well cheat on me or break up with me for one of them cause obviously im not fucking good enough and im tired of feeling like this.. and i fucking told him to put himself in my shoes if he found pics of a bunch of hot guys i used to fuck with like basically nakes he would be beyod fucking pissed. and he would drag on the argument WAYYYYYYY longer than i did. i just dont fucking understand.