I can’t understand why we need such strong smelling, toxic products just to simply wipe, spray or wash something clean.

Sprays when accidentally breathing in are literally like poison and burn the back of your throat, clothes washing products have such a pungent scent it lingers and you can’t get rid of it, even walking past neighbors houses with their doors and windows shut you can still smell their washing powder and it’s beyond nauseating, makes people feel light headed, dazed, ill, irritated (spoken to a few people about it) why are all these chemicals and crap necessary in these items just to have cleaning products!

I’ve been using these 0% pure household products which apparently don’t contain as many chemicals whatever but still get these effects.

I cannot help but think these products used in household start health conditions off to begin with, such as asthma, thinking problems etc and it’s unnecessary for it to be in these products and the government puts it in there to trigger these health problems and make us more cooperative, placid, dependent on medication, etc not just with these toxic cleaning products but with a whole lot of other things i.e chem-trails, fluoride tinkered water, wondered if anyone else is noticing it.