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Transition Eyeglasses

I don’t understand why Transition lenses aren’t considered cool?? Maybe it’s because the seem to nerdy and all, but nobody ever seems to comment on my lenses unless it’s a friend poking fun that it’s looks stupid. It makes me kind of self conscious when I go outside now, that people will think I’m “mentally challenged” because most people say that they wear them and old people. I had to get the transition lenses because I didn’t want to have to buy an extra pair of prescription sunglasses to just have to change once I get inside, it’s pointless. I’ve started a new school and with all the new people I’m kind of scared of what they think of me, like I want to be cool and impress people and get into relationships, but what if my lenses just throw them off? I mean it’s pretty ridiculous to think that, but that thought goes through my mind everyday. I know I could just replace them, but I literally just got these glasses not even a month ago and I can’t spend more money to “fix” perfectly fine glasses. I have worked myself up because of this during the night and sometimes I haven’t been able to sleep because people’s opinions of me matter, I don’t want a bad reputation, I just wish I never asked for the transition lenses because I would of saved money and me constantly nagging to myself that I look stupid or people won’t like you because they can’t see your eyes (but normal sunglasses do that too). It’s a stupid thing to get upset over, but I hate being labeled as an outcast, I just want to be normal. I don’t want to be considered something I am not.


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  1. Anonymous

    Its ok I have transitions and I hate them but I can get 1 free glasses a year so I guess Ill wait 4 next year. Once I got mine, I just didn’t like them but some of my friends followed me and got transitions right after lol. I felt better and I am less insecure.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t worry about what they think. The right person will come along and they will love you for you. They wont even give your glasses a second thought. good luck, i hope it all goes well. 🙂 Have a good time at your new school 🙂

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