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you know that feeling you get when you walk past someone or when a notification pops up on your phone from that one person, your heart skips a beat and that was everyday for me. everyday with this one guy. now i feel like i don’t know anyone to laugh and cry with. i just have some lame people trying to tell me it’s ok when it’s reallt not and sure i have kinda moved on and met someone else but honestly how is anyone going to live up to that one guy who i loves so much. i just don’t have anyone anymore





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  1. Somè rrandome peersona

    Hey, I was once in a positition just like yours. I had a boyfriend and I really, REALLY loved him and at one point, he dumped me. I was in tears for weeks. I even met another guy, just like you, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t until this week that I reached back out to him and asked if we were good as friends. He said yes, and now I feel SOO much better. I think you would be happier if you reached out to him.

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