If there’s one thing I’ve always believed in beyond all that would be love. I’ve put all my hope into it and it’s basically just the one thing I’ve depended on in my head. When everything else goes to shit I imagine that someone will love me someday. But I’m starting to lose fate. My friend started dating the only person who’s ever loved me and no one has ever asked me out. I thought that this year would be the year that I would get a boyfriend and life would be really good and id have a bunch of friends but instead this year is one of the worst years I’ve had. No one likes me. I just feel useless like no one cares and no one wants to talk to me. And I hate it. I hate how I’m usually such an optimist but life is sucking the hope out of me. I’m beginning to give up and I hate it. I’m beginning to give up on love. I believe that everyone has a soulmate but what if mine just isn’t out there. And I know that part of it is my high standards even though I’m ugly and all that. But it feels like I’ll never find love.