so this school year has been pretty bad so far and it’s only been 2 weeks. i want to believe it will get better but i just feel overwhelmed and stressed all the time and i’m not usually like that and i feel horrible. i used to feel smart and be able to do work quickly and on time and now i’m falling behind and i hate it. i feel like a failure and like i let myself down. there this one class that’s really fucking me up and lowers my self esteem, confidence, and mood as soon as i walk in the room. we’ve had like 4 classes and i don’t get it !! at all !! i just wanna drop it and move on i’m a mess. i feel like a stupid piece of shit. also my friends have been kind of fading away and idk why. my one friend has 1 class w me where we cant talk(band) and she never talks to me outside of school and :(( . my other friend was ignoring me yesterday and my bff got a a bf and he won’t stop talking about him all the time to everyone. like we get it hun. they literally met on the internet and started dating after 3 days?? im also pissed be we had an agreement to always tell each other everything about crushes and dating and life and etc but he broke the agreement and im :((((. i just don’t wanna do anything and give up but i know i can’t so i guess ill suffer until it gets better. also this sounds like another stupid petty problem, but im getting a cold and i tried to eat this really good dinner but i couldn’t taste any of it and i just started crying. i need to sleep im so uhhhh bye