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Ugly, creepy guys!

It’s not “creepy” if he’s hot. I freely admit it. When a very attractive stranger approaches me and tells me I’m beautiful, it brightens my day. When a guy who is short, fat or balding does it, it makes my skin crawl no matter how tactful he is about it. I just want him to go away. I’m not alone in feeling this way. Most women feel the same, but hide the true extent of it when the guys are around.

If said ugly guy doesn’t pick up on social cues that I’m not interested in getting to know him, it makes me even more uncomfortable than just him being there already does. I have to deal with this sh*t constantly everywhere I go, and it never stops. Guys, please, learn to KNOW YOUR PLACE!!! We ARE visual, just like you are. We only want GOOD LOOKING guys to approach us. If you’re any combination of short, balding, fat or 10 years older than me, please, for your own sake and mine, kindly F*CK OFF!
I don’t date your kind. Yes, I mean “kind” as in “different species”, because that’s what you are to me. I’m a human being, not an uggo like you, and I don’t do bestiality. You should be socially aware enough to know disinterest when it’s right in front of your homely ass face! Ugly men who act “confident” act out of character, and that’s creepy. Know your place and leave your genetic superiors ALONE!! It really is that simple. Don’t like it? THAT’S TOO D*MN BAD!! You’re not entitled to sex or companionship.

Many of you men reading this will tell yourselves I’m just a b*tch and delude yourselves into thinking I’m in the minority, or that this is satire. No, it isn’t. These are my honest feelings, and I’m NOT alone in feeling this way. Most women DO secretly feel this way, and THAT’s why we have sexual harassment laws! Too many of you genetic failures and guys who have aged past your prime don’t know your place and think you’re allowed the same social freedoms as a hot guy, so we need those laws to keep you uggos in your place. Either accept your role as someone of a lower class and ACT ACCORDINGLY, or it’s sexual harassement. So f*cking what if I let a hot guy grab my ass? That does NOT mean it’s OK for YOU to do it!!!

If you’re not hot, we see right through your so-called “confident” act and know exactly what you’re doing. It’s laughable. You idiots really actually believe we’re “less visual” than you, and that alone is pretty creepy. You don’t know your league and think you have a chance with someone in a higher class. Newsflash, boys: The only pretty girls who date plain guys are whoring themselves for some selfish benefit, and you guys are too f*cking stupid to see it. That’s why so many of you end up divorced and getting played for fools, then try to say all women are users and gold diggers. Um…hello?? Honest women either date hot guys or stay single, so of course you’re gonna meet a lot of dishonest people if you’re always trying to date someone above you on the sexual totem pole!

Want a girl that can actually love you instead of using you? STICK TO YOUR OWN KIND!! If you’re not attracted to women of your own class, you need to improve your looks and move up. Get plastic surgery if you have to. Without good looks, your “awesome personality” is worthless for anything but platonic friendship, and your earning potential is only “attractive” to materialistic girls. If you want genuine love or desire from a woman, she has to be turned on by you in a sexual way. Real attraction is entirely about looks, and ONLY looks. If you try to circumvent that rule, you show an entitlement mentality, and it’s obvious you think we owe you our sexual servicies.

I have an advanced degree and make a good enough living on my own, so I don’t need your earning potential or “generosity”. I have plenty of platonic friends, so I don’t need you for that, either. The only thing I need a man for is sex and reproduction. I can easily land a hot guy for marriage and relationships, so I don’t have to prostitute myself out to an average looking guy just so I can get married and have kids.

Think I’m here only to rake the guys over the coals? No. I have something to say to some of the women out there, too – like those who date plain lookin guys and hand out chances like chocolates to guys they don’t find so hot once they start getting desperate for marriage. Do you seriouly not realize how this collective settling behavior perpetuates patriarchy, male entitlement, rape culture and all the other things we fight so hard against?!?

The very core of patriarchy and all associated problems is rooted in a myth that so many men honestly believe – that we are less “visual” than they are. Many of us continue to bow to society’s pressure, outwardly pretending this myth is reality, often even to the point of essentially prostituting ourselves out of desperation for marriage/kids and rationalizing it as “love”. Then, we tell ourselves that this is what “mature” women do, because the idea that we are prostituting ourselves is too painful to accept. Men see our settling behavior and assume it’s “proof” that looks aren’t that important to us, then they wonder why they have such a lousy sex life with their girlfriends or wives.

It isn’t just patriarchy alone that pushes the “looks don’t matter” lie. Those women who settle for plain looking guys are traitors amoung us, because they play along to protect their own personal interests, and themselves shame any woman who refuses to whore herself by giving the not-hots “a chance”. Sorry, b*tch, but refusing to be bullied into glorified prostitution doesn’t make me “shallow”, and only dating hot guys doesn’t make me a “slut”. I refuse to date a guy I’m not attracted to, because unlike you, I CANNOT in good conscience sell a guy a fake illusion of “love” just to fill some unmet need. Many of you are guilty of this, and you know EXACTLY what you’re doing!

What I’m attracted to, sexually, has nothing to do with my character as a person. Yes, I want a hot guy, and I DON’T apologize for that! I can afford to be picky because I can easily get what I want. If that makes me “shallow”, than so be it. At least I’m not a settling, two-faced WHORE who lacks the self respect to stay single if she can’t get something long-term with a man that turns her on!


Let’s get this straight…


The down side of college education


  1. Anonymous

    I am a guy who was very ugly. I lost 15 pounds. I gained some muscle. I am now physically fit. I have nice clothes and smell better now. Now i would consider myself to be in the normal range of looks. Now girls are nice towards me. Other people are also much nicer towards me. I wish girls+other people would be just as direct as you are, i would have learned much earlier. No f*cking person ever told me why they didn’t want to be associated with me. Friends left. 15+ years wasted.

    And every f*cking person told me like “looks don’t matter.”. What idiocy. And i mean, i even had “redeeming qualities” like being a musician. Or being humorous, I was normal weighted before, and people laughed. Then i got overweight and people stopped laughing (or being interested in my music by the way). Now i now why. Now people laugh even more than before at my jokes. And they also ceased to make jokes about me.
    Sometimes, people come TO ME to ask me something or to talk about something. Never happened when i was ugly.

    What i learned was: Your redeeming qualities don’t count when you are ugly. Because nobody is interested enough to make them count. It’s the truth. Being nice is getting interpreted as creepy when you are ugly. When you are normal, it gets interpreted as nice. And when you are good-looking, it gets interpreted as “so sweet”.

    There need to be more women like you. Or not. Not sure if i would like the competition. Of course i am going to continue working on my looks. I wasted enough time already being the creepy dude.

    • Dutch guy

      You didn’t deserve to be treated like shit for being unattractive. I can forgive people for not wanting anything romantic or sexual with me because of my looks. I can NOT forgive people for hating me or judging me because of my looks.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, an honest gentleman…nice!

  2. Anonymous

    It is indeed about the man’s looks, but height-wise rather than face-wise. That’s why women throw themselves at ugly black men more than they do with pretty white men: the black men are simply taller.

  3. Anonymous

    Hope you stay single “all” time. I see men guilty here who has helped women without getting something in return. The biggest of our mistake was to give you the right to vote.

    • Anonymous

      women have been taking care of men for centuries…men like you are the reason women needed to get the vote….

    • Natalie

      So in return for the right to vote, we should show our appreciation to our masters by having sex with and being attracted to every last one of you, not just the ones we are attracted to?

      Sounds reasonable. Good luck with that attitude.

  4. Tim

    MGTOW: Never give a woman the legal or financial power to destroy your life through alimony, asset division, child support and/or false accusations and the civil suits sure to follow.

    WOMEN: MGTOW are losers who live in their mother’s basements, have small penises, are fat, unattractive, balding and poor.

    ME: Of the MGTOW minset. 6′ 2″, net worth 13X the average, no debt and free of women’s financial and legal powers of destruction (marriage free/won’t cohabit). Know how to record potential future minefield events to counter false accusations. Well educated and getting ready to retire very early to a life of ease and pleasure. No nagging, entitled, self-absorbed shrew has any power over my life. FWB is as far as I go.

    Most women are average. They all have mostly the same equipment and look pretty much the same. There are a few standouts – but they’re like 5% of the female population. Still – I wouldn’t pursue even those for a ‘relationship’. Not worth my time or effort. My life is far too easy and far too good to give up my sovereignty and independence for some used up slattern.

    • Anonymous

      keep it…we don’t need you anymore, unless you are attractive…doesn’t it suck to be treated like a sexual object?

      • Dan

        Thats o.k. men dont need women, and never did.Women are simply a crucible whos only purpose is to incubate the mans sperm, and the egg that men allow women to keep through a gesture of goodwill.Without men, women revert back to 3rd world living standards.No good being a professional women when all professions are created by men.It through our goodwill that women are even allowed to have jobs, or even walk in the street.It is laws enacted by men that keep women from getting the crap beaten out of them for failing to please their partners requirements of regular sex and a meal on the table each day.All luxuries and liberties women enjoy today are “concessions” granted to them by men.

      • Dan

        I am nearing 40, and balding, yet i still have a 22 y.o student whom i keep on a choker chain.She serves my needs quite well.You see, if a man wants something, he can take it.Dont think you have some “choice” to reject a man because he doesn’t suit your tastes….

    • Natalie

      The pedestal you put yourself on sounds great but you still seem angry 😉

  5. Anonymous

    An advanced degree? In what, gender studies? You are probably an ugly fat bitch that only men who have low self-esteem can approach. I’ve seen your kind before, sitting through a Tinder session, turning down everyone who was not a rugby player. You will die alone and unloved, and no one will have sympathy for you. You are a truly pathetic person. But at least you came clean about your disgusting thought process. But you do not speak for all women, as I do not speak for all men. You speak from the girls in your circle, who are probably just fat disgusting slobs who talk about fashion and Sex and the City while you stuff your face with another chocalate cake. Guess who is going to die alone?

  6. Anonymous

    I have decided that I will never have children nor have a relationship with a woman. I intend on causing so much havoc before I die. Our civilization will collapse from the strains caused by the traitors of the regressive left, the feminist movement and the fifth column of Islamists in the west. By the time I die, the world will have destroyed this feminazi. They will probably gang rape her, and she will be thrown from the top of the skyscrapers of the newly conquered New Mecca (formerly New York). Or she could be beheaded in front of the Great Mosque, built to commerate the bravery and heroism of the sixteen martyrs who brought the jihad to America when they flew airplanes into the ‘globalist zionist’ WTC 70 years earlier. Then they will have a new more improved Islamic patriarchy to deal with, and they can be wife number 3 to Mohammed

    • Anonymous

      a dear happiness to women: they would
      else have been troubled with a pernicious

    • Anonymous

      unless mr trump decides to just bomb you all
      he doesn’t seem to like those islamic terrorists.
      so, either you won’t be able to act out your
      dominance fantasies or you will end up in
      a prison with other terrorists…..either way,
      women won’t have to even worry about
      whether you want to marry them or not.

  7. hadash

    you are a stupid ugly obnoxious slut

  8. William McDevitt Jr.

    I find you absolutely hysterical! No Talent, no class, no sense of dignity. And you think you’re better than me? When those pretty looks of yours fade away, and your tits droop down to your knees comma and you are lonely at night you’ll be looking for a beta male provider just like the women you corder as Trators The only sad part about that is I won’t be around to laugh at you when it happens. Hubris such as yours never goes unpunished! Good luck sister I wish you all of it in the world!

    • Natalie

      Don’t be mad at anyone but yourself that you and people like you are so terrible at understanding “no” and that people can refuse you for any reason.

      Don’t take it so personally or you’ll kill yourself with anger. Or someone else.
      ..hope it’s not that or you’ll understand how it feels to have someone threaten violation on you when you’re not interested.

  9. Anonymous

    sooo true! why bother denying it, I don’t mind when hot guys feel me up in the club, I do when a creep does it 🙂 anyone here who says they are female and this isn’t true are either lesbians or liars!

  10. Bazooka-Ed

    Please, define what you believe is “hot”, lady. These days, all this relationship stuff is all messed up, and gay. Women suck anyway, and that’s why I’ve been a MGTOW ever since the age of 20; I’m 25 now, mind you. Go back to twerking and updating or Instagram, bitch. Women are only good for ONE thing… their pussy. F*** outta here.

  11. James Solbakken

    It’s sad but true, it’s easier for an ugly creepy guy than it is for an ugly woman to get by in this cruel and unfair world. An ugly man can overcome his creepy aspects by learning to be charming, and he can earn money to increase his relationship value. All an ugly woman can do is pile on the make-up and get augmentation surgery.

  12. Anonymous

    Boy its going to be fun watching you hit the wall after you whore yourself out to the top 20 % of guys. As they say, a woman ages like milk. 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    People like this just make me feel even more misanthropic. More reason i’m a nihilist and MGTOW. If every woman is truly as narcissistic and parasitic as you are, then I’d rather let humanity just fucking die. I hate you and any bitch like you.



  15. Anonymous


    Didn’t make it past the first sentence. OP has to be some special kind of stupid. Karma is a bitch and bitches only learn the hard way.

  16. Anonymous

    Yes…YESSS…Let the hate flow!

  17. Anon

    If these are the rules then it should go both ways. Fat women must stop fat acceptance and accept that they’re unattractive by men’s standards. Average girls who aren’t supermodels aren’t as attractive as they think… then basically they’re mutts therefore genetically inferior. Let’s just go back to the golden era of when women were judged by men’s standards and have the 50’s housewife. No? Don’t set standards you’re unwilling to conform to… Get off your high horse, lady.

  18. Anonymous

    Men shouldn’t give women like this a second thought I mean first of all she’s a whore she said herself she lets men grope her she most likely the type that goes out and dresses slutty so she can get free shit but she’s going to turn 30 eventually then the Free Ride is over and you will see just how much value you have to those men when there paying attention to younger girl

  19. Anonymous

    Tell that bitch is you don’t like fat bitches and fat bitches get mad

  20. Anonymous

    Humanimal female defending her sluttery. Stoning to death is best way to deal with creatures like this

  21. Anonymous

    She is %100 ugly as fuck.

  22. Anonymous

    i want to rape you tbh

    i fantasise about you resisting while i punch you till your almost unconscious hnngg my dick is so hard rn

  23. Anonymous

    As a former PUA turned MGTOW( Sandman sent me here), this is a great article. From years of PUA, I noticed even tall, good looking guys have problems with getting girls. Women have extremely high standards, especially western women. I think guys should stop putting women on a pedestal and just live for themselves. Sometimes being a hot guy is a detriment because you have deal with narcissistic women like the one who wrote the article. Even the top guys like Brad Pitt are victims of failed relationships and proves that being a hot guy can’t save you from a woman who loses her passion for you.

    For younger guys still interested in girls, my advice is to ignore the girl in the article. The guys who get the most girls have amazing social skills, confidence and a positive attitude. Look as good as you can, workout shower and don’t dress like a complete slob. Approach as many girls as you can. Youll run into rotten girls like the OP, but you have to suck it up and move on. Eventually you’ll meet a girl with mutual interest.

    After 10 years of PUA, I’ve decided to go MGTOW because the dating scene in the US is super gynocentric. Guys have to pay 70 to 100 dollars to get into clubs (Vegas and Hollywood) and girls get in free and get drinks paid for. The value of a person is 100% based on looks because no one can tell if you have integrity, virtue or even good credit. The OP didn’t even mention any criteria in terms of a persons character. I’ve meet so many attractive women who were drug addicts, single mothers, and even homeless. And here I am as a good guy with a six figure job and a 800 credit score and these women are calling me creep.

    Anyway, when sex rebots hit the market men and women can let the human race go extinct in peace…..

  24. Anonymous

    You are everything that is wrong with Women these days. Your probably 20 ponds overwieght and never learned humility. Even if your hot don’t worry the so called “good looking” man you have or will have is cheating on you because your a superficial woman who doesn’t understand the economics of “sexual market value”. So when your 45 and single living with 5 cats and the same fat bald guy who has made a success of his life because some BITCH didn’t interfere with his ascension, and he is dating a 25 year old. Take heart in the fact that you’ve hit the wall and only the Beta males will tolerate your used up raggedy ass.

  25. Anonymous

    I’d like to know what your “advanced degree” is in.

  26. Anonymous

    I appreciate your honesty. If all women where this direct men would have it easier. Think about it. You can avoid wasting time

  27. The Truth

    As a short guy I feel kinda bad about this but it’s true. Don’t let your emotions cloud logic, she’s actually 99% right, especially the part about all women believing this too. They’re not stupid, they know what you’re after.

    Thanks for posting this.

    The 1% that isn’t true is that feminist part. The patriarchy does not have such an agenda, it’s feminists who think that landwhales are just as attractive as those ‘anorexic’ cat walk models. I hope you’re not fat because this completely changes everything you’ve said.

  28. ian

    The wall is incoming. hope you hit it face first very soon.
    You looks wont last forever darling, remember that

  29. Smartarse Bastard

    I believe that indeed she is telling the truth as she sees it and that the vast majority of attractive women in their prime hold this view-point even if they won’t admit it. In essence, she just proved just how worthless going the PUA(Pick Up Artist) route is if you are not already in the top 20% in the looks department.

  30. Smart Guy

    Ooooooooh! Tell that girl… tell her… uuuhhhh… damn, I’m at a loss for words here.

  31. Anon-kun

    i came here from 4chan, from a thread of people talking about how stupid and true this rant is.

  32. Anonymous

    As a male model I have enjoyed this article a lot. Thank you, I think that you are amazing!

  33. Dick

    All the attractive women I know are smart. So, no. Chubby chasers look at you doesn’t mean you’re good-looking… at all. No one wants to fuck you. Sad face.

  34. Dick

    You were turning me on with your cunt face article until you mention you’re a feminist. Sorry, but I don’t do dumb bitches. Plus, you sound like a delusional ugly fat fuck that just try to “hurt” men because they reject your fat ass. You can’t, sorry. Try harder, next time. You should exercise and lose weight instead of being a bitter retarded troll. Maybe, men who are genetically superior (you know, brains which is pretty much 80% of the male population) will notice your dumb ass. Attractive women are attracted to smart men.

  35. Anonymous

    This is just so silly and vacuous. Silly because beyond the top 5% ‘beauty’ becomes extremely subjective, people may be agreeable but far from beautiful or hot, especially with make up. Women need to realise most women are not ‘hot’. Like men a small percentage are.

    ‘Self proclaimed’ beauties are immediately suspect. What would compel one to declare themselves winners of a genetic lottery other than a dangerous disconnect from reality or unseemly desperation?

    The author is most likely severely deluded about her looks and in wannabe land thinking merely stating preferences for hot guys makes her hot. Cringeworthy.

    The rest of the imbecilic rant about ‘knowing your place’ puts the author firmly in the enlightening company of a cave man not afraid to tell women to ‘know their place’. This is a cave woman who doesn’t know enoughto not flaunt her cluelessness. Grow up.

  36. Anonymous

    I love women, but I do have a problem with the vagina, its a bit unpleasant and can be a carrier for all sorts of infections, being dark and moist. Its always been uncomfortable going down there, it has a weird smell , too organic and post sex beyond the hormonal overdrive this feeling is accentuated and it all feels a bit icky.

    I have to really like the person beyond that body and connect in some deeper way to do this regularly. Presumuably for women too its a bit weird to have objects inserted into their bodies, as a guy that’s a scary thought and something you definitely don’t want to happen to you. And then there is periods and babies, this is too much for guys to deal with, but in the real world nature or society takes over and we do stuff.

    So dwelling on the superficial in the context of what actually happen in real life in sex and living with women on a day to day basis misses everything about the man women interaction of which looks is just the first important step but immediately loses relevance beyond day 1.

    A lot of guys are driven into frenzy by testetorone but post that quickly come to their senses. Women are organic, there are too many complicated things happening in their body down there, and they often don’t clearly articulate what they want.

    Sexual release that drives guys is increasingly fulfilled by porn, there is VR and AI on the way. Immediate sexual release that’s driven men to irrational behavior and risk rejection is soon going to be history. It will not be worth the trouble and nearly 99% of people fear rejection. At that point maybe we will all yearn for the connection and the awesomeness two human beings can create together beyond the superfical.

    Of course the bad eggs will continue to harass women, that a disease. Like the supremacism this author demonstrates, if not her looks, that is completely genetic and out of anyone’s control it would be something else. Its another disease.

  37. Anonymous

    OK, but “no fat chicks” is back.

  38. Person 101

    Honestly this made me laugh it is highly offensive to the “other kind” (sorry couldn’t resist that) but i see your point and I would be creeped out if some 10 years older said “hey there want to come home with me” but if they said “you look nice” I wouldn’t mind as long as they don’t push their boundaries. But still nice rant

  39. ….and say if it’s not a bitter “incel”?. Some of the male commenters here are so in denial about the prospect that the author REALLY IS a female that they are rationalizing it by accusing the OP of being an bitter male, because apparently “only males” see things from this particular point of view. This is a coping strategy. Obviously not every, single female out there thinks like the OP, but there are more than enough that do! Why do you think we have so many poor guys running around confused, accusing women of “not knowing what they want” and disregarding them, the “nice guys” in favor of jocks/bad boys/players. It’s usually because more often than not, the unsuitable guy is good looking and the females are PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED to them! The main reason why “nice guys” often get rejected when trying to pick up single girls is not because you are “too nice”, don’t have enough money, aren’t confident enough etc because it is almost impossible to know so much about someone on initial meeting….it’s because she is not physically attracted to you. Simple.

    • Hawk

      Very simple !! Why can’t they just accept it like women do? They just don’t want a woman to have any power. The hatred for beautiful women by these angry men is so hypocritical. They cannot accept that Women can and do think like them all the time. We are not that different . Women want the same things men want. Many men would hate if an unattractive woman felt entitled to them sexually .

    • Anonymous

      Well said! and this goes both ways

  40. Potential lulz, but likely sadness

    Obviously: It’s a male author; in need of self-esteem, friends. Could be an average guy; could also be a 4chan-type troll.

    Secondary goal: Expressing sadness via his rationalizations about his lack of female company, by “making it true” (because it’s a “woman” writing).

    Tertiary goal: Making women look bad; some revenge.

    Primary goal: Observing the response. Especially from women commenters (he’s a hopin’ you’re nice on the inside). Unsurprisingly, not many women have chimed in, because they’re unlikely to search for or visit this page.

    Evidence: It’s obvious in all the terminology. The phrases about genetics are highly specific to the rationalizing male mind as well as to pick-up culture; it’s terminology and emotions women almost never use or think. The author also slips up when he uses the exact same terms, phrases, and writing style in some of his follow-up comments (MistressOfButthurtBetas and other Anonymous comments). Not incidentally, the moniker Mistressofbutthurtbetas is psychological projection. The whole thing — all the written hatred directed at other men — is psychological projection; it’s a crystal-clear-window view of his own self-hatred. I don’t say that disparagingly.

    How else do we know? While I suppose some of you are regulars of “,” many of us arrived at this page after Googling the words “women,” “hate,” “ugly” (or “creepy”), “guys.” For a brief low moment, we were taking part in our own butthurt-ness and confirmation-bias Google searching and clicking; wondering if it were true.

    I suspect so is the author, in an albeit twisted way.

    It might be true, but certainly not to this cartoonish degree and form.

    Do women treat attractive men better? Obviously; welcome to Earth. But in moments of clear thinking, we know that of far more importance are social skills and introducing oneself to others. Work a room, shake some hands, smile, make small talk, be nice, make networks, compete, focus on platonic things first and foremost, and respect others; the rest follows. Will you get 30 percent of women romantically admiring you? No; .300 would be spectacular; most of us are in the minor leagues; 10 to 20 percent on good days. That’s just Mother Nature; in most other species, the average male mating success rate is infinitesimal.

    Best of luck.

  41. The OP could have been less harsh but a lot of what she is saying is true, especially the latter half of her write-up. Women lie to themselves so much about “looks not mattering” that they almost believe it. In the same breath though, they will fawn over the first tall, dark, handsome, young man that walks by. By doing this, women are inadvertently contradicting themselves. This is just sending mixed signals to men, and that is why so many men desperately cling on to the hope that no matter how unattractive, overweight or old he is, he can still find true love with a Victoria’s Secret model. Unless he’s super rich, it’ll never happen, and even if he IS rich it’s hardly genuine love anyway. The fact that so many men in the comment section are stomping their feet and throwing tantrums pretty much shows that deep down, they too, know their looks dictate their dating success, but it hurts too much to actually hear it from the horse’s mouth.

  42. Anonymous

    I have always known that women are like you. And for the most part, there’s nothing wrong with you. But where you do go wrong is where you insult other women for whatever their motivation is for being in a relationship with an ugly guy. You forget that you freely chose what you value and that other women ARE NOT BOUND to make the same decisions that you did. Most men and women are like you and that’s ok, but not all of them. People enter into relationships with others for all sort of reasons whether it be money, power, physical appearance, personality, or any combination of the foregoing. All of the foregoing reasons are valid and you don’t have any right to insult someone for their reason. I wish you the best.

  43. Colin Computer

    Narcissists like these end up divorced, money-hungry parasites with children who don’t love them. You can’t help them once they get set in their ways, so just smile and nod when you work around them.

  44. Anonymous

    The ranter of this post so called self-proclaimed genetic superiority shows all the signs of a typical attention whore who have no one looking at her at any point of time. That is why she is here forwarding her ranting to general public as a hard proven fact on behalf of womanhood. First of all, naturally genetic superiority is not measured by letting a hot guy touch your ass but by serviving the odds that natural environment possess on its habitant. So let me know from the ranter here, that can she survive any cancer in her body without any kind of medical intervention? Or can she live past the age of 150 years? Or can she stay alive in outer space? If the answer to all these and any other possibilities is no than how the fuck are you fucking genetically superior than others! Secondly, the ranter has a very deep learning of how to rant about anything she dont feel comfortable with. She does not have much understanding about human relationships as it appears the only purpose a man has in her life is of satisfying her sexual desires. That is nothing to worry about just hire some hot escort and have fun as much as you want. Because two people spend time together for connecting on a deeper level which is not limited to sexual intercourse but also emotional dealings. And you never know who could be the best compliment to your personality. That person may not be similar to what you thought in looks but he/she is a person you will be much comfortable and easy with than rest of others. Hope you find peace, ranter. Go learn a little about life.

  45. Anonymous

    What is you are unable to recognize that I’m hot? Like, mentally incapable? How can you justify your own philosophy?

  46. Anonymous

    And yet, if uggo is rich you’d be all over him like herpes on a whore. God you’re an ugly soul.

    • Anonymous

      you just want this to be true…she doesn’t need a rich guy…
      when will you get it? women are getting free of having to
      be with ugly rich guys….i know it hurts…i know it is a great
      loss for you….
      maybe you might want to work on YOUR looks and also
      work on your manners….take a course in etiquette…learn
      how to please others a bit….

    • Natalie

      There are too many young, rich and hot men that you’re thinking wishfully to believe this myth.

  47. Adolf Hitler

    Just fucking kill yourself you useless cunt.

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