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Ugly, creepy guys!

It’s not “creepy” if he’s hot. I freely admit it. When a very attractive stranger approaches me and tells me I’m beautiful, it brightens my day. When a guy who is short, fat or balding does it, it makes my skin crawl no matter how tactful he is about it. I just want him to go away. I’m not alone in feeling this way. Most women feel the same, but hide the true extent of it when the guys are around.

If said ugly guy doesn’t pick up on social cues that I’m not interested in getting to know him, it makes me even more uncomfortable than just him being there already does. I have to deal with this sh*t constantly everywhere I go, and it never stops. Guys, please, learn to KNOW YOUR PLACE!!! We ARE visual, just like you are. We only want GOOD LOOKING guys to approach us. If you’re any combination of short, balding, fat or 10 years older than me, please, for your own sake and mine, kindly F*CK OFF!
I don’t date your kind. Yes, I mean “kind” as in “different species”, because that’s what you are to me. I’m a human being, not an uggo like you, and I don’t do bestiality. You should be socially aware enough to know disinterest when it’s right in front of your homely ass face! Ugly men who act “confident” act out of character, and that’s creepy. Know your place and leave your genetic superiors ALONE!! It really is that simple. Don’t like it? THAT’S TOO D*MN BAD!! You’re not entitled to sex or companionship.

Many of you men reading this will tell yourselves I’m just a b*tch and delude yourselves into thinking I’m in the minority, or that this is satire. No, it isn’t. These are my honest feelings, and I’m NOT alone in feeling this way. Most women DO secretly feel this way, and THAT’s why we have sexual harassment laws! Too many of you genetic failures and guys who have aged past your prime don’t know your place and think you’re allowed the same social freedoms as a hot guy, so we need those laws to keep you uggos in your place. Either accept your role as someone of a lower class and ACT ACCORDINGLY, or it’s sexual harassement. So f*cking what if I let a hot guy grab my ass? That does NOT mean it’s OK for YOU to do it!!!

If you’re not hot, we see right through your so-called “confident” act and know exactly what you’re doing. It’s laughable. You idiots really actually believe we’re “less visual” than you, and that alone is pretty creepy. You don’t know your league and think you have a chance with someone in a higher class. Newsflash, boys: The only pretty girls who date plain guys are whoring themselves for some selfish benefit, and you guys are too f*cking stupid to see it. That’s why so many of you end up divorced and getting played for fools, then try to say all women are users and gold diggers. Um…hello?? Honest women either date hot guys or stay single, so of course you’re gonna meet a lot of dishonest people if you’re always trying to date someone above you on the sexual totem pole!

Want a girl that can actually love you instead of using you? STICK TO YOUR OWN KIND!! If you’re not attracted to women of your own class, you need to improve your looks and move up. Get plastic surgery if you have to. Without good looks, your “awesome personality” is worthless for anything but platonic friendship, and your earning potential is only “attractive” to materialistic girls. If you want genuine love or desire from a woman, she has to be turned on by you in a sexual way. Real attraction is entirely about looks, and ONLY looks. If you try to circumvent that rule, you show an entitlement mentality, and it’s obvious you think we owe you our sexual servicies.

I have an advanced degree and make a good enough living on my own, so I don’t need your earning potential or “generosity”. I have plenty of platonic friends, so I don’t need you for that, either. The only thing I need a man for is sex and reproduction. I can easily land a hot guy for marriage and relationships, so I don’t have to prostitute myself out to an average looking guy just so I can get married and have kids.

Think I’m here only to rake the guys over the coals? No. I have something to say to some of the women out there, too – like those who date plain lookin guys and hand out chances like chocolates to guys they don’t find so hot once they start getting desperate for marriage. Do you seriouly not realize how this collective settling behavior perpetuates patriarchy, male entitlement, rape culture and all the other things we fight so hard against?!?

The very core of patriarchy and all associated problems is rooted in a myth that so many men honestly believe – that we are less “visual” than they are. Many of us continue to bow to society’s pressure, outwardly pretending this myth is reality, often even to the point of essentially prostituting ourselves out of desperation for marriage/kids and rationalizing it as “love”. Then, we tell ourselves that this is what “mature” women do, because the idea that we are prostituting ourselves is too painful to accept. Men see our settling behavior and assume it’s “proof” that looks aren’t that important to us, then they wonder why they have such a lousy sex life with their girlfriends or wives.

It isn’t just patriarchy alone that pushes the “looks don’t matter” lie. Those women who settle for plain looking guys are traitors amoung us, because they play along to protect their own personal interests, and themselves shame any woman who refuses to whore herself by giving the not-hots “a chance”. Sorry, b*tch, but refusing to be bullied into glorified prostitution doesn’t make me “shallow”, and only dating hot guys doesn’t make me a “slut”. I refuse to date a guy I’m not attracted to, because unlike you, I CANNOT in good conscience sell a guy a fake illusion of “love” just to fill some unmet need. Many of you are guilty of this, and you know EXACTLY what you’re doing!

What I’m attracted to, sexually, has nothing to do with my character as a person. Yes, I want a hot guy, and I DON’T apologize for that! I can afford to be picky because I can easily get what I want. If that makes me “shallow”, than so be it. At least I’m not a settling, two-faced WHORE who lacks the self respect to stay single if she can’t get something long-term with a man that turns her on!


Let’s get this straight…


The down side of college education


  1. Anonymous

    I appreciate your honesty, but then dont complain when men dont like you or other women for being fat slobs.

    • Anonymous

      No, she is not honest about to “Get plastic surgery “, because she would still consider you a subhuman and also a weak when she discovers it. Plastic surgery is ok only if she doesn’t know you look that way because of it,
      Sadly, fat slobs, in the corrputed western / westernized societies get mated.

  2. Anonymous

    There is no hope for people like us. I appreciate this woman’s honesty, really. I think it’s about time to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide for everyone who requests it for free. Genetic trash like us have no hope to live happy lives. We can’t win no matter what we do. If I had an easy way out, I would go through with it.

    • Anonymous

      Before of feminism she should have been forced to settle whit a man who likes her. It’s all about freedoms that when are applied to females became privileges.
      Genetic trash was always cleaned by felales who couldn’t be mated because of their ugliness; that’s the way to go.
      No sympaty for so called “rape” female victims. It’s self defense.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think like that mate. The grass is not greener on the other side, believe me. The prettier the girl the more high maintenance she is. If you aint rich you’ll be working 60+ hours a week just to keep her. The good side to all this is you have freedom and only have to work enough to keep yourself. You owe nothing to anyone and you owe nothing to a society that excludes you. Fine yourself a nice little fuck buddy on the side who doesn’t want commitment and live for yourself. Good luck.

  3. Anonymous

    I hope you get brutally raped and murdered by an ugly, creepy guy.

  4. Anonymous

    I forgot: This is pure hate on men.
    What is more of hate than selction? Even more because Selection comes from a side the was not intended to enjoy such right? It’s an unnatural privilege. Men and females are not equal, but complementary; and Nature / Allah stated that selection is a possibility NOT reserved to females (men do have erection up on the females’ look).
    This incredible shit is due to feminism and men who allowed females’ in the buttons room (passing wrong laws).

    Those female monsters like this situation even when it hits on their baby boys: The accept to see them suicide or going in jail, in order to keep the feminist status quo.

    Also, ugly looking females don’t date “ugly” men.

  5. Anonymous

    Guys, see that?
    That’s why muslims are right on rebellion. Equality between unequals is privilege.
    Females should be kept in their own natural role, the should have not any right to choose or reject.
    Men should stay withe the females they love, while females should love the men with whom they (are forced to) stay.
    This girl is just honest, she is enjoying the female privileges given by the crooked western societies; and what she says is the reason why the Jihad is a morald duty.

  6. Wizard Prang

    Dear OP,

    You don’t get to choose who approaches you. You get to choose among those who do. If you are getting approached by “inferior” guys, and the guys you want aren’t approaching you, that’s usually a sign that your expectations are excessively high.

    Try being nice for a change. A smile and a “Sorry, but I’m not interested” works almost all the time. If you want men to behave like gentlemen, try behaving like a lady. Calling those you find unattractive “sub-human” isn’t ladylike.

    As for how beautiful/attractive you are, post a picture of yourself; I’m sure that the answer will soon reveal itself.

  7. Ugly duck

    I am usually not the type of person to wish evil to befall anyone but I will make an exceprion for tou OP and for all the losers who subscribe to your line of thinking.

    I hope every last one of you ia in a terrible fire or accident and your faces are severly disfigured because of it.

    Maybe then you will understand the hurt and pain you all inflict on others who aren’t your idea of Handsome or beautiful when you don’t even bother to take the time to get to know them for the person inside n ecause you are all too busy judging them based off of whats on the outside.

    Keep laughing and keep making fun of those who don’t fit into your little mold of what is attractive. One day you will lose your looks and what will you have left?

  8. Anonymous

    All women need to go fuck themselves. Personally this bullshit pisses me off, because men get fucked silly by society’s standards, but if a woman gets made fun of, people riot in the streets, and lynch the man who spoke his mind. Hell, I’ll go as far to say that we live in a woman’s world. To all feminists out there, you’re right, we are unequal, but not in the way you think. Personally, there’s no need to reproduce, so all men should just toss you aside, and let your greedy asses die out.

  9. Anonymous

    In other news water is wet

  10. Anonymous

    This article is exactly why women should never have been allowed to vote. They’ll take us to a matriarchy where the few attractive men hoard all of the women. The majority of men will then kill those few men and enslave the women and the cycle will start over. Women voting is an unstable equilibrium.

    • Anonymous

      No majority, cuz most part of men finally mate when females settle down for marriage, like this girl wrote. Of course, the 1st enemy of men are those men.
      See why mujahiddeen has the point? Allahu Akbar!

  11. Satan

    You are going to get caught in a fire and receive third degree burns on your face and body.

  12. Anonymous

    An ugly confident guy is just an ugly guy with no reason to be confident

  13. Anonymous

    Confidence only works if you can back it up

  14. Anonymous

    “Want a girl that can actually love you instead of using you? STICK TO YOUR OWN KIND!!” Like someone posted earlier tell that to the average and below average women that chase the bad boys and the alpha males,most of us don’t have a problem staying in our leagues.

  15. Anonymous

    “I lf you don’t want to be used,stick with your own kind” We’re fine with that.Just tell the women that aren’t as hot as you to stop chasing the hot alpha males,it should go both ways

  16. Anonymous

    What’s with everyone saying that women are letting the cat out of the bag or finally coming clean about looks being more important? Like DUH! Where have you all been? Most people I know have always known this

  17. Anonymous

    And as a man I can agree to a point it does get annoying when someone you’re not attracted to keeps trying to talk to you after you’ve clearly given them non-verbal clues that you’re not interested in them but I don’t refer them as another species.We are all human and there is someone for everyone but if someone is giving you obvious indicators or even telling you directly then stop! Otherwise you’ll get treated like you don’t exist.

  18. Anonymous

    Sadly the OP is right,there was never any such thing as true love,the only reason that old people stay together for years is because by the time they retire and their kids and grand kids grow up they’re too old to find anyone else.All these articles about “loving yourself” or “being confident” or using these “special techniques” are like snake oil.It all comes down to one thing “ATTRACTION” If it’s not there then it can never be and thinking that someone that’s not attracted to you can later on be attracted to you if you up your game or listen to these “pick-up artists” is just a pipe dream that will lead you nowhere.

  19. Anonymous

    As far as woman dating “down” to plain men, I just don’t see much of that where I live. However I do see a lot of thin/athletic looking men with very over weight woman who are not particularly attractive.

    • JTK1

      There are a lot of thin and skinny guys who date fat women but I hardly see athletic looking guys or muscular guys with overweight women.

  20. Anonymous

    OP is going to wish that one of the “not-Hot” guys pays attention to her once her looks fade and her entitlement attitude turns every man off. Have fun being a crazy cat lady!

  21. JTK1

    Hi OP. I’ve talked with you on here before. I recently wrote and posted an article on here myself entitled Alpha Male Privilege. Imho it sets the record straight on true privilege in America and who has privilege and who doesn’t. You might find it interesting.

  22. Anonymous

    Wow… you are one self absorbed b!tc#. Looks are only skin deep. Sometimes, UGLY is in the heart… just like yours. I used to dream of wanting a super hot guy before I met & married my spouse. Guess what, I fell in love with his SOUL. Not his looks. Not his money. You need to grow up and take a look in the mirror. I bet some of the “creeps” you turned away would take MUCH better care of you than any “hot” guy would. Their hearts were in the right place while yours was busy passing judgement all because of looks.

    • Ugly duck.

      Women and men like yourself are a very rare find these days unfortunately. The op has sbown how truly ugly and shallow she is. Keep being you and ignore the dumb asses who will undoubtedly give you shit.

      I loved and was loved in return by someone like you.once upon a time. She was even willing to give up her family for me. Sadly cancer took her from me nearly 9 years ago. Im not sad thougb. I know she is in a much better place and free from all the hurt and pain both physically and spiritually.

      It is sad that so many have ugly hearts like the op. Maybe one day tbey will have tragedy befall them and all the hot looks they think tbey have will be gone. Maybe then they will wake up to the truth that go9d looks is not everything.

  23. Anonymous

    I think the thickness of the wallet here is omitted as a game changer for those aliens…

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t confuse opportunism/gold digging behavior with sexual attraction. Women are not “sexually” attracted to a man’s wealth or social status. They’re just willing to fuck for it. Women often fuck guys they’re not truly attracted to, and that’s a major reason why the dating game is such a mess. Too many men don’t know the difference between a settler vs a woman who actually wants them in a sexual way, then find themselves in a sexless marriage with a woman they can no longer stand. If she doesn’t find you “hot” enough for just sex/no commitment, then she can’t be trusted for anything long-term!

      • 6'5 God of Thunder

        And it’s also no good if the guy is just some fuck boy. I’ve been that fuck boy on several occasions. I would know that real love is more than sex and physical attraction. I’ve had women pay me a visit for nothing more than a good screw. It must have been good if I got several repeat visits from those women. Maybe there was a bit of talking/romance but not enough to develop a strong relationship with. Explain that miss high and mighty. No, all you seem to be capable of is lust which you manage to confuse as love. Do most women want to fuck a hot guy? Yes, but you need more than physical attraction when the clothes are back on. Or maybe you’re just some fuck girl that hasn’t learned the difference yet. And plz stop trying to speak for all women. You’re honestly making them seem like shallow, manipulative , horny douchebags that seem to think they’re “worthy” of hot guys that are prettier than them half the time. Omg, how could you call women the better sex when most guys will lower their standards and flirt/date plain/ugly women? By your own words guys are better than women.

      • Anonymous

        blame the swindler not the one being swindled

  24. 6'2 demi-god

    Nice bait m8 😀

  25. Nathan Hughes

    That why Star Wars easiest

  26. Tom

    Men should just learn to pay for a hooker’s “love” for an hour and stop trying to please some shallow whore.

  27. Tom

    After making that incredibly long post as a reply to you own, I can see that Internet Explorer is a shitty web browser that will not format paragraphs. I also agree with you on one point. You think women shouldn’t settle for less than hot guys? I think men should avoid callous, self deluded, entitled cunts like yourself. I also think the hot guys only put up with cunts like you for sex. More than one hot guy has said women like you are worthless bitches. That’s coming from the hot guys , you said women love. Maybe it’s time for the human race to just die out.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. One woman says she only wants to date hot guys and you blow your gasket? What happens when the vast MAJORITY Of men are busy judging women based on their body parts? Then you will happily participate and talk about ‘leagues’.

      And if this woman does the same, then you come here like whiny limp dick and bawl your eyes out because you are soooo hurt, sisspot.

      If hot guys end up with women like her just for sex, which is great, women also hook up for you for money, which is also great for them.

      Those old wrinkly men who date young women and then cry about them being gold diggers…(and they say women are cranky) …why don’t people like you point to them and tell them to remain with their ‘ugly’ wrinkly wives too? Because you have double standards. So yeah, it’s okay when young women date old men for their money and wait for them to die.
      You go wipe your nose now.

      • Anonymous

        Except for the fact that she’s clearly some ditzy bimbo that thinks those hot guys *love* her and she *can marry any hot guy she wants*. Try to read what the author said before you bitch. And what happens when the vast majority of men judge women for their body parts? You talk as if women don’t judge men for their body parts. So get off your high horse. And wimpy, limp dick? That only happens when some “hot” asshole is within 10 yards of myself. I don’t fuck assholes, no matter how *hot* they are. My dick simply refuses to cooperate. And why would I cry, when I don’t give a fuck? I do have a natural hatred for assholes though. The Op fills that role. And omg you don’t know me at all. Old men that marry *hot* young women deserve all the misery that those women bring them. Those old men are only renting high priced whores. Now let me see which I would prefer, date some shallow, nutty, asshole like the Op or pay a high priced whore for a one night stand? I’d always go with option B. At least I wouldn’t have to pretend that the hooker was an interesting person in order to get some ass. I honestly feel bad for the guys she does date. it’s no wonder the *hot guys* talk as if they hate females behind closed doors. They know how fucking awful some of you really are. Omg now you’ve got me talking like I’m some sexist asshole and I generally admire women. But enough is enough. Noone owes anyone a damn thing. Noone deserves anyone, no matter how the other person looks. If hot women date plain/ugly men for the love of money then fine, hot men date hot/plain/ugly women for the love of pussy and money. Don’t kid yourself or you’ll be as stupid as the author.

      • Anonymous

        “And if this woman does the same, then you come here like whiny limp dick and bawl your eyes out because you are soooo hurt, sisspot.” – LMAO. Just stop now, you’re only embarrassing yourself. I. DO. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK. It’s the author’s bullshit delusion of superiority that sets me off. “I can marry any hot guy I want” – Please , only an idiot, as vain as herself , would marry that. And he would cheat a lot. But more than likely the Op will never marry. But the Op will ride the dick carousel until those guys are tired of her and start chasing younger, hotter women. Now if you want me to cry, try to say something that actually hits home, instead of swinging at empty air. Personally I will never understand why guys go crazy for *pretty* women , when said women can be total douchebags.

  28. Tom

    Thank you for your post honey. Personally I think you’ve spoken like a true whore. If you can manipulate any guys into wasting their time on you, well that’s their stupidity. ” Guys, please, learn to KNOW YOUR PLACE!!! ” Hon, your place usually involves you being on your knees. “I don’t date your kind. Yes, I mean “kind” as in “different species”, because that’s what you are to me. I’m a human being, not an uggo like you” Date? Are you fucking, kidding me? The only kind of “date” that involves a “person” like you, usually has me paying you money, to get the hell out of my house after my balls are relieved. You said it yourself, we should know our places . If a man can’t tell a decent lady from a whore , they deserve what they get. “Know your place and leave your genetic superiors ALONE!! It really is that simple. Don’t like it? THAT’S TOO D*MN BAD!! You’re not entitled to sex or companionship.” Once again, that’s how a whore thinks, Don’t get me wrong, there are decent women out there that sell their bodies for sex. No, she’s your typical spoiled ,arrogant, princess that some douchebag of a dad put on a pedestal. She thinks only certain guys “deserve her” . That’s classical “spoiled whore” mentality. Op, girls like you are worth far less than a dime a dozen. I would give a penny for a hundred . Sadly your kind of “woman” is what the western breeds in droves. You make decent women look bad. “Most women DO secretly feel this way, and THAT’s why we have sexual harassment laws! ” So out of your own mouth, you’re saying that most women are shallow whores? That’s exactly what most misogynists say about you. Are you too stupid to realize you’re proving their point with this post? ” Guys, please, learn to KNOW YOUR PLACE!!! We ARE visual, just like you are. We only want GOOD LOOKING guys to approach us” Most guys have learned that lesson long ago. It’s no secret that most females worship hot men as if they’re gods. Some of you even believe in that “Prince Charming ” fairy tale bullshit. “The only pretty girls who date plain guys are whoring themselves for some selfish benefit, and you guys are too f*cking stupid to see it. That’s why so many of you end up divorced and getting played for fools,” Once again, if a guy can’t learn to identify some shallow whore, it’s on him. Want a girl that can actually love you instead of using you? STICK TO YOUR OWN KIND!! If you’re not attracted to women of your own class.” How is that possible, when even some of the most hideous looking women only want hot guys? 0.5s – 2.5 females will do anything in their power to get an 8 or better male, if they’re shallow, callous bitches after your own heart. “I have an advanced degree and make a good enough living on” . Really? You have an advanced degree in what? From your post, I would say you have a 12th grade education at best, and it’s not hard for a woman above 6.5 to get a good job, as long as in involves “serving their bosses” now and then. “Do you seriously not realize how this collective settling behavior perpetuates patriarchy, male entitlement, rape culture and all the other things we fight so hard against?!?” No, most of the rapists out there have had their fill of callous bitches like you. You make them think less of women with your entitled princess attitude. All of that anger is geared towards hateful bitches such as yourself. “The very core of patriarchy and all associated problems is rooted in a myth that so many men honestly believe – that we are less “visual” than they are.” Seriously? What the hell is in that brain of yours? Pebbles? That patriarchy comes from men thinking that women are kind of like … you. It makes them think less of women as a whole. You clearly have no respect for guys you feel are beneath you. They, in turn, are going to generalize all women as being selfish, mean, manipulative little cunts. You’re not helping the female cause. “Yes, I want a hot guy, and I DON’T apologize for that! I can afford to be picky because I can easily get what I want.” Let me fill you’re ,incredibly empty, little head with a few well known facts, we , as males, have known for a long time. You can get a hot guy? Congratulations, you must have been born with a vagina. Most hot guys are born pussy hounds. It helps that 99.5 % of the women on this planet sling it to them, like it’s raining skittles. They hardly ever have to work for a piece of ass. The sad part is how some of them think they’re smooth operators, when most women soak their panties , whenever a hot guy gets within 10 feet of them. The only women I’ve really been impressed with, are the sort , that act like hot men don’t impress them that much. ” Real attraction is entirely about looks, and ONLY looks” No, real LUST is based on looks and ONLY looks. It’s no wonder ,marriages fail within 5 years or less if people think like you. Real love goes beyond looks. It has to do with how you respect another person and their values. It has to do with personalities. You’re honestly making women seem like people with the emotional depth of a salad fork. “Me like hot man, me want zug zug, with hot man . IT LUV !!” Why should men have any respect for them if they’re that shallow? “Want a girl that can actually love you instead of using you? ” I’m sorry but only looney men want your kind of “love”. Most sane men would avoid your ass like the plague . A lot of guys would fuck you now and then, but they would never commit. “Without good looks, your “awesome personality” is worthless for anything but platonic friendship, and your earning potential is only “attractive” to materialistic girls . Thank you for being honest. There is some truth to that. But your callous nature is only going to attract guys that want a fuck toy . You’re seriously deluded if you think you can marry any hot guy you want with your personality. Oh, they’re tell you anything you’re dumb enough to believe. If women vanished from the face of the earth , within the next few hours, do you think those hot men would shed a tear? Most of them would be trying to seduce other guys within a year’s time. Men would be raping other men, all across the planet. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re something special.

  29. Anonymous

    Women like her are having sex with “hot guys” because men have lower standards when it comes to sex. Things may be changing, but women still tend to be more discriminating, so this will skew her perception of who’s ugly and who’s not by the simple fact that she has access to hotter partners than a commensurately hot man.

    I think she’s guilty of a bit of a straw-man, since not very many people would argue that women are obligated to date down in looks. She also sounds like a loony MRA by arguing that women who date down are ruining it for everyone else. At the end of the day, nobody’s forcing her to date anyone she doesn’t want to. Of course, harassment is not OK, but we’ve all turned down people before. It’s a fact of life. Thankfully, not all feminists lug around an enormous chip on their should like she does.

  30. Anonymous

    “What I’m attracted to, sexually, has nothing to do with my character as a person. Yes, I want a hot guy, and I DON’T apologize for that! I can afford to be picky because I can easily get what I want. If that makes me “shallow”, than so be it. At least I’m not a settling, two-faced WHORE who lacks the self respect to stay single if she can’t get something long-term with a man that turns her on! ” I know exactly how you feel Op. As a guy I agree with you. You’ve inspired me. From now on I refuse to settle for less than some smoking hot woman. Why should I feel bad for rejecting the average/plain women? Why the hell should I settle for some average woman when I have hotties hitting on me? To hell with giving average women a shot.

  31. JTK1

    I was street harassed and accosted earlier today by a not so attractive woman in my neighborhood. She attempted to feel me up and she tried to kiss me but I turned my head away. She bit my neck instead. As I mentioned she wasn’t attractive at all. She was like a 2/10 at best. I’m not going to lie to you. I was weirded out.
    So with that said I can identify a little bit with the OP.

  32. Anonymous

    Hi Chris P. Bacon :). You’re more than welcome to present a counter argument. Although I think the author and her supporters prove my point. It’s not the ugly beta males that are more likely to rape, it’s the hot successful alpha males. The ugly guys are more likely to be reported/convicted for the crime. Just scroll up, a woman said that she felt like she was getting violated whenever an ugly guy looked at her. The author said it’s ok if a hot guy gropes her, just read her post, and she’s not the only woman that feels that way. Just look at how many likes she has. They agree with her. I kind of admire that author, because she is telling us the ugly truth about women ,which a lot of females would never openly admit, even though a lot of them agree with her ( going by the number of likes she has, I’m guessing most of them are from female readers.) Getting raped by some average/ugly guy with a poor background is a real nightmare for some women. The title “ugly, creepy guys” says it all. Ugly men are automatically profiled as rapists/losers in the minds of the author and her supporters. I have one more bit of proof that ugly men get screwed over. Go to Girls ask Guys and look under the title called “Good looking =cute , ugly= creepy?” , they’re saying the same thing the author does. It’s ok if a good looking guy tries to pressure them into a date, because it’s “sexy” but if a homely guy uses the same approach, he needs to go away because it’s “creepy”. I just looked that up as I type this in. It’s not hard to find the truth (on the internet , about certain things) if you look for it. I’m not some ” butthurt ugo ” and I’m not a misogynist. I couldn’t care less if women don’t want to date me . I have never asked a woman for a date in my life and it’s never going to happen, Not that they would cry a river of tears for the loss, they would throw a celebration more than likely. I’m a guy that was raised by a single mom, so I thought that women were better than men , until I began t learn the truth as I got older. Neither sex is better than the other but women are a hell of a lot more discriminating whenever sexual attractiveness is concerned .

  33. Anonymous

    Ok , Chris P Bacon, I’m back and I have more from “Alpha males and sexual abuse of women ” which was created by Nigel Barber Ph.D . He also wrote ” Why date rape on elite campuses is so high is a matter of conjecture but it seems plausible that having high social status could have something to do with it. Call it a sense of entitlement, call it arrogance, call it the alpha male primate crashing around in the jungle. In the world of animal behavior, when one sees high status, intense male-male competition, and a high sex drive, one is looking at the unmistakable handiwork of testosterone (and other “male” sex hormones).” Ok Chris, which type of guy has a high amount of testosterone? That would be your alpha male. As I said, they can get sex because women usually adore the aggressive “bad boys” ( if they’re hot). But we all forget that they’re called “bad boys” for a reason. They’re not known for playing nice. Most of them would date rape some girl and not think twice about it if they think they can get away with it. They’re more likely to get away with rape if they’re hot/popular/rich, because women are less likely to report them or our country’s legal system is less likely to convict them. I once worked with an incredibly, handsome young man that said he wouldn’t wait for a woman to get in the mood. I think the author is proof that we ,as humans, aren’t far from the animal kingdom ,whenever sex is involved .

  34. Anonymous

    It’s like I said, the alpha males are more likely to rape a female. “For a long time, researchers assumed that coercive sexual tactics were mainly restricted to the disadvantaged, poor young males whose lack of resources made it difficult for them to satisfy their desire for sexual contact with women. It subsequently emerged that there is biased prosecution of rape cases such that disadvantaged men are more likely to be found guilty of sexual crimes. Moreover, the sexual frustration thesis may be incorrect for there is evidence that many low-income men lead highly active sex lives.” Chris P Bacon, you need to learn to take what you read with a grain of salt. A lot of times , poor people are convicted of rape while our nation’s legal system lets the wealthy guys walk. The rich get the royal treatment while the poor get screwed. What else is new? Here is more proof ” When the legal bias against poor men is discounted by conducting victim surveys, as has been done on college campuses, it turns out that the upper crust who attend Ivy League universities have a surprisingly strong penchant for date rape. It is surprising because their social advantages likely make them more attractive to women so that with a little patience they might obtain consensual sex.” wow, the guys that can get some action are more likely to take it. Ok let me continue this in another post because this is already too long.

  35. Anonymous

    At first I was a bit ticked off not by the content of the article, mind you, but by the tone. Not being attracted to another person is one thing, calling them subhuman is something else entirely.
    While I get it that some genetic issues might gross you out, do as you preach and learn to tolerate. We should all be trying to achieve a better tomorrow for humanity here not just replace the old boss with a new one.
    But in the end the article amused me as it shows that given free reigns women are just as flawed as men.
    Also do try to remember that, at least under current laws, regretted sex is not rape and no, sharing space with unattractive people is not sexual harassment.

    • Anonymous

      Women are just as flawed as men? They are a hell of a lot pickier than men where sexual partners are concerned. They can afford to be when 9/10 heterosexual men are sex starved. The other 1/10 are either pretty or rich. Women throw themselves at those guys.

  36. Jerry

    I can sort of agree with the women that support the Op. You have to be sexually attracted to someone in order to sleep with them. At least that’s my case. It’s funny how the women here have misconceptions about how we males are attracted to females. We all want supermodels? Are you freaking kidding me? Supermodels are too damn skinny. There is no way in hell I could be attracted to someone with the body of a rail thin mannequin. To each their own but I’ll never understand how men are turned on by women that look like starving Ethiopians with big tits. I even saw a picture of a woman that looked like a 12 year old child with big tits. I almost needed a barf bag. I couldn’t sleep with a bony woman if my life depended on it. Btw supermodels aren’t gorgeous, hell most of them are kind of pretty at best. Are you all saying that is as pretty as women can possibly get? I’ve honestly seen prettier men. I live in Tenn and nearly 70% of the men would tell you they want women with curves. Most of the female models the bodies of skinny 12 year old boys. How the hell is that a turn on?

  37. Anonymous

    Honestly, I’ve found that most rapists tend to be alpha males. They can get woman ,but I guess they get tired of the chase and just want some tail.

  38. Anonymous

    I see a lot of ugly women with badly proportioned bodies that truly think that they are beautiful and act like it. On the other hand, most very hot women seem to think that they are not beautiful but nice as people. I guess guys approach the ugly women, that they feel that they can get as they feel that those women are below them, often and this is why ugly women think that they are hot. Guys don’t approach hot women often because they don’t think that they can get them and that is probably why hot women don’t think that they are as hot as the ugly women. You’ll also notice that the ugly women tend to have their kids earlier and marry earlier.

    • Chris P. Bacon

      I remember reading a study that said over 80% of rapists resort to those crimes because they have no other access to sex. The majority of rapists are low income and below average in physical appearance, but due to the current political climate, this fact isn’t widely known.

      • Anonymous

        Some people try to deny those facts and pretend that rape is about establishing dominance/control. In reality, it’s just some desperately horny man trying to get his rocks off, in at least 7/10 cases. If certain holier than thou countries ever decide wise up and legalized prostitution, the number of rape cases per year would plummet. But no, they have to keep up their image, and keep the revenue from busting hooker/johns going. Legalizing prostitution would also be a wake up call to certain authors that think they’re so fine. I guarantee she and her friends would have far less admirers.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. You take a guy who’s already psychopath to begin with, make him both ugly and poor, then PRESTO!, you got a rapist. Most ugly/poor men are not rapists, but if they’re also a psychopath, there’s nothing stopping them from getting sex the only way they can. You’re spot on when you say it’s not about power/domination. Those are the minority of rapists, but feminist propaganda would have you believe they are the majority. The reality is, rape is a crime of desperation, and until society finally admits it, it’s going to continue to get worse and worse.

          • Anonymous

            Yes but the same is true about hot guys. I’ve met more than a few good looking men that wouldn’t think twice about raping a woman. Keep in mind that those studs had women throwing themselves at them 24/7. One guy was like a living/ walking Ken doll, with muscles to die for. He was telling his friends, how to lure a pretty 13 year old girl away from her part time job, so they could kidnap and gang rape her. When I was 12, one of my handsome male classmates raped a substitute teacher in the classroom. He was 15, he usually went back and forth to the Juvy. A lot of the hot guys I know of would rape a woman in a heartbeat. My summer program boss once asked me what I would do if I was alone with a nude blind woman. He said “she’s fine as hell and there is no way she could report you. What would you do’? I told him I would put some distance between myself and the weird nude woman. He then labeled me as gay. Any man will rape if that’s in his nature. Even gorgeous men with millions of dollars rape women.

          • Anonymous

            Are you a girl? LOL, you seem to think like they do. Some women naturally label homely guys as creeps/rapists. The irony is the homely guys tend to be beta males. They wouldn’t do anything unless they were going postal or if they were somehow influenced/coerced into it. The alpha males that the females are pining for on this site are also the most aggressive. Half of them wouldn’t think twice about gang raping some woman. That’s nature though. You can’t fight it.

  39. dan

    One more thing.All men are ugly.Their is no such thing as a beautifull man, at least not after the age of 20.So what the hell does it matter what they look like? What does a “hot” man look like.I cant remember seeing any grown men that had especially nice faces…..

    • Anonymous

      Before 25, men are still children, while females are women at 11/12.
      Check your privileges that Mohammed is coming for you.

  40. dan

    Interesting how ugly pick up guys can take the hot 20 year old girls away from their similar aged boys at the drop of a hat, even when they 40, short, fat or whatever.I think your in your own little world sweet pea….

    • Anonymous

      Those girls are either gold diggers, opportunists, or “marriage minded” women willing to settle, and half of women out there are at least one of those. Many women value commitment, security or being pampered more than love. Please, don’t confuse opportunism with genuine attraction. The only women who date ugly guys are glorified prostitutes.

      • Tom

        So in your mind the women that date plain /ugly guys are selling themselves out? What about the men that date plain/ugly women? What about guys that date women that aren’t nearly as attractive as the guys themselves? You seem to think it’s ok for a guy to date down but no , women must have their princes. Heaven forbid that some women care more about personality than looks. You’re seriously sounding like some shallow bimbo that fucks her way through life and thinks it’s love. Just because you may want those studs you fuck, it doesn’t necessarily make them want you, for more than a fuck buddy. You’re also beginning to sound like one of those crazy women that thinks any man that fucks/wants to fuck her must be in love with her.

      • Anonymous

        No they would be the smart women that have finally realized they aren’t going to eat their cakes and have it too. That’s what adults do, they settle when they can’t get what they want. Children insist they can get what they want, when they want it, and however they want it. Pampered whores also seem to have that mentality, which are you? Women that refuse to settle for ugly guys wind up as single old women 90% of the time. They can never seem to get the fact that hot guys have their pick of at least 50 women at any given time. Why should we settle for a woman that’s shallow/selfish/ rude/ or just a genuine dick?

        • Biko D

          I’ve always had much happier/healthier relationships with so-called “shallow” woman who found me sexually attracted then the so-called “smart” WHORES who settled. If you’re a man, then come back to me in 10 years after your so-called “smart” and “practical” wife traps your naive ass in a sexless marriage. It’s in your own best interests to stop clinging to outdated beliefs that will be your undoing in today’s society. You can’t get what you want? Then FIX YOUR GOD DAMN LOOKS!

    • Anonymous

      It’s normal outside the anglosphere (NATO allies) for men in their 40 to date an merry girls between 12-20.
      Guys under 30 has nothing to give, also the under 25 are still children.

  41. dan

    What you dont realize sweet heart, is that you arent as hot as YOU think you are, and these men are throwing you a lifeline.Take the fat balding men, or stay single.Up to you princess.

  42. Anonymous

    The author needs to get real. We don’t live on a world where ugly women choose to date ugly men. Most women worship handsome men. A lot of women would gladly sell their first born child in order to get a stud in their lives. Case in point, my sister and I worked for the same company but on separate shifts and in different locations For half a year I dropped her off in the mornings and picked her up in the evenings. Several of her unattractive coworkers would file out the door about twenty minutes before she appeared. None of them so much as glanced in my direction. Then one day my sister’s, handsome flavor of the month, boyfriends rode with me and every plain looking woman there flipped out. You could tell the poor guy didn’t want to be rude but it was very clear that he wasn’t interested in ay of them. He frowned, turned his head off and a did a few other things that sent a clear signal that he didn’t want them. Do you think that stopped them? My sister was warned to keep her hot stud of a bf away if she didn’t want any trouble by our aunt. The author and her friends have said that ugly men need to date ugly women. What happens when plain/ ugly women refuse to settle for anything less than a stud? They have that option because the vagina is a powerful bargaining chip.

  43. George Malin

    That’s why I would advise guys to date older women. Younger women tend to be conceited and have overinflated senses of self worth . They tend to think they’re awesome and any guy would be lucky to have them. That leads them to think they should only date guys that are “worthy of them”. I’m not saying older women are perfect but they do tend to be more down to earth.

  44. Someone who has been there

    OMG, so much brouhaha over this single post! Willing to bet OP is a neffing troll who is nothing like whatever mentioned in the post. Successful people of any gender no matter how they look wouldn’t be spending time typing a winded post with typos. They would be using their time wisely doing something fruitful instead!

    And even if there was such a shallow woman, only a matter of time before age get the best of her and no mindful person would want to be with her. The person speaks without​ class and full of lies. Sure, she has an advanced degree in bullshitting and even then she probably either plagiarized or made propositions to get that degree.

    This coming from a humble yet confident woman who judges people by virtuous character and intellect, not looks (unless you’re neglecting basic hygiene… come on, I have minimal standards too!)

    • Anonymous

      A man needs more than just “basic hygiene” to trigger physical attraction. Nice try, but more men these days aren’t buying the “less visual” myth anymore. That’s just a lie pushed by gold diggers and opportunistic types.

  45. Fartknocker

    This may surprise women that think like the author. We ,as guys, don’t like bitches. The author comes across as some shallow, narcissistic bitch with a huge sense of entitlement. Just because she may be somewhat attractive (even though I doubt she’s that good looking) she thinks she’s something special. We as guys are kind of picky about whom we marry. We may date a hot bitch. Hell we’ll probably even fuck something that looks like the Hunchback of Notredame in a skirt if we’re drunk enough. But those of us WITH OPTIONS hardly ever think twice about marrying some callous bitch. Unless she’s one hell of an actress, she’s seriously deluded. She’s hit it and quit it material, nothing else. I’d feel sorry for the poor fool that puts a ring on her finger if that ever happens. She also said that most women are like her. In that case. is it a wonder why so many men date but refuse to marry? So because I may be hot that means I don’t want any average /ugly women approaching me, talking to me or ( heaven forbid) touching me? How does that not make me seem like some deluded, shallow asshole? Are ALL women really that vain and self centered? She can marry any hot guy she wants? None of the hot guys in my neck of the woods are that desperate /crazy. They may pass her around like a joint though. That’s proof that some girls never mature past the age of 13.

  46. Fartknocker

    Personally there is something that confuses me. The author and other women say they want the hot alpha males. They somehow think those hot alpha males want them just a badly. Yet it seems that a lot of those alpha males only talk about pussy. Pussy this, pussy that, pussy is so good, blah blah blah. They hardly ever say anything about a woman’s charm/intelligence or anything else. Those guys make it very clear that it’s all about the pussy. Yet somehow the author, and others like her,somehow translate that into “Wow, my girlfriend is awesome”, I want to marry that wonderful, beautiful, intelligent woman that I made love to last night,” “Any guy would be lucky to have her” . She’s saying she can marry any hot guy she wants. I bet they’re classifying her as another piece of pussy on their list of hoes. It seems that some think they can make guys love them. I have a friend that’s in a miserable marriage. She married some stud that dated her when she was 15 and he was in his 20s. She became pregnant by choice while trying to lock him down. He married her to avoid being sued. He cheated on her with every given opportunity. 20 years later and she’s helping him pay child support for his 3 illegitimate kids from 2 different women. He still chases other women but she LOVES him so much, she thinks he’ll change for her someday.

  47. i smell like rectumumumum.

    too much to read from some fat hog who is just pissed off because she didn’t have her way.

  48. Anonymous

    Can a member of either sex explain something to someone that’s never really mingled with people? How does one person “deserve” another? How is one person “not worthy” of the other? How do people view each other as trophies? How do men “feel entitled” to pretty women or sex with a woman? How do women “feel entitled” to hot men or men with money?

  49. Anonymous

    Whoa, I’m sorry. That wasn’t right. I just said something about people as a whole and that’s wrong. Not all women fit into the same category. That was really sexist of me. Not the part about how women are a lot more choosey than men because they are. I withdraw the part about women being deceptive. Most of us only tell half the truth when it suits us. As a guy that’s literally been on both sides of the fence I know that looks count a lot. I’ve been the guy that females acted like they wanted to pounce and I’ve been the nasty slug no one wanted to go near. It depended on my moods and how I took care of myself.

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