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i feel ugly. always have and i feel like i always will. i have a boyfriend, he calls me cute and hot everyday but it just seems like words to me because i don’t believe it. i look at my friends and theyre all so perfect. like my one friend e. she’s perfect. she’s gorgeous, smart and funny. she also has a perfect relationship too which i’m also jealous over. so when i look at all my friends i just think that someday they’re going to find someone that loves them and think they’re gorgeous but then i look at myself and see some ugly person. on the inside i think i’m pretty, i’m a good person. but on the outside i’m ugly. and if i had a dollar for everytime someone told me “omg why do you think that?! you’re gorgeous!” i’d be sitting on a yacht rn typing this instead of at home. don’t get me wrong, i do appreciate the comments but like i said before, they’re just words. words that i can’t find myself believing at this time in my life.


Rape baby, I need time.




  1. Iamtheetrashlol

    and stop compairing yourself to others that is what makes you feel worse

  2. Iamtheetrashlol

    omg at least you have a boyfriend,and I get called ugly everyday by random strangers but I don’t give a fuck,well do sometimes and it hurts but I got threw it.You are beautiful I know it maybe hard but you just have to believe it then you will see how really beautiful you are.

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The place to rant