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My girlfriend is always mean to me. I feel hurt when it happens but I always put up a brave front and brush it off as she doesn’t mean it. I thought I could just laugh it off but I guess it builds up.

Knocked off my part time job a few minutes late tonight. Girlfriend came by my workstation during the last few minutes, told her to wait else where as the guys are clearing up and there are heavy loads moving around. She rolled her eyes and stomped off. Couldn’t find her after that and had the cold treatment on the way home.

Felt like I tried my best to be accommodating to her but it seems like I always fell short. Am I simply not ready or mature enough for a relationship?




What Should I do?


  1. Anonymous

    I was that girl many years ago. She is the problem, not you. She is using you for her good and bad feelings. End it and explain fully why – she will come back. If she doesn’t, not mature enough to be with you.

  2. Anonymous

    Its not that you not ready… You are picking the wrong girl

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