So i am very interested in photography. my friends know this. i have this one particular best friend and she’s great. we’ve known each other for about seven years. she is comfortable in front of the camera. i take pictures of her. its all normal.

i, on the other hand, am not comfortable. i like taking the pictures, that’s it. the other day, we were at a fast food restaurant, in front of people, I took pictures of her. she was fine with it. what bothers me, is that she wanted to take pictures of me and practically forced me into it. i told her i didn’t want to. that I was uncomfortable. i gave her looks, but she really wouldn’t listen. the fact that she made me model in front of people too was just low and its been bothering me to this day.

anyway, the pictures i got of her, i was satisfied. i have a photography account for my work. this is where i post my content, not based on the looks but based on the picture in general. i sent her a few pictures that i edited, to see if she approved of me posting them. she told me no for one, and then she said she wanted to post one herself (meaning i can’t post it) which is fine. today, i sent those pictures to double check, and she said no. she said she didnt like one bc of the way she looked (which ruins my plans for posting) and then she said no to another because she was going to post. see what bothers me, is that she said yes before and now she’s being like this. ugh im so annoyed.