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There is absolabsolutely no reason that I, a 17 year old female, should be scared of my 9 year old brother, yet here we are. He’s constantly threatening to hit me and throw things then laughs when I flinch, every once in a while he does it with a kitchen knife, but says he’s just “messing around”. He’s constantly hitting me in places he shouldn’t be and every once in a while even tries to departs me, once when I was outside putting our 3yr old brother in his car seat.

I’m In the topic of our 3yr old brother, he’s constantly doing moves that he’s learned from his Jr wrestling as well as imitating WWE to “play” with him, and continues to do it even as our brother is screaming and as our parents yell at him to stop.

It’s not just me he disrespects either. He very highly disrespects our mom as well




Done WITH life


  1. Rando.

    He probably has a disorder.
    If not, then;
    Get him in his sleep.
    Im sick and tired of seeing people being forced in submission.
    I don’t care whats wrong with him.
    When hes fucking sleeping, wake him up by sitting on top of him and beating the shit out of him.
    I want you, like I have a deep feeling, to beat his ass.
    He needs to fucking cry and beg you to stop.
    Because he doesnt own you, and this isn’t his world.
    It doesn’t revolve around his shitty tantrums.
    Don’t let him watch any TV.
    If he keeps seeing WWE and shit like that, hes gonna get fucked up even more.

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The place to rant