Sadly l been going through the most horrendous time due to suffering a huge life changing bereavement which has left me feeling very down, depressed and pretty unlucky, however I’m a brave person so despite all this l have tried to be positive and to get up the courage to apply for a new job ( my current one is stressful and mind numbing and l know it doesn’t help my mood). So now and then l look and see what is available, my current company are very happy with me but l need a change, l only apply if the job seems ideal for me, and there aren’t that many that do as l currently work from home but wanted something more interesting and fulfilling, but ideally also home based. The new job was home based, there was one vacancy for a Customer service agent in this small Nanny Agency that happened to be local to where l live. I was happy to be offered an interview and that seemed to go quite well, it was on the phone. A week later having been told there were around 250 applications l was offered the job by the lady who ran it, she said she was delighted to offer it to me and couldn’t wait to work with me. I felt elated, and couldn’t quite believe something good had happened having suffered so much. I ordered a new outfit, work related books to help me and awaited start date etc. Thank goodness l decided not to hand my notice in straight away. I finally got start date, contract of employment, P46 etc to sign and return which l did. The only thing was the stated hours were incorrect which l assumed was an error, the lady had already changed the working days/hours once since my interview and
l felt l must be flexible and agree to this, even though not what l had originally applied for l, but when l saw she had changed this again and not even asked me l was shocked and alarm bells started ringing. She said it was an error but she had added more hours and changed them without my knowledge so l knew this was not true, however l tried to accommodate her, l sent her a polite response saying it wasn’t ideal but l would move things around to accommodate her and had already sent back my signed contract etc. To my astonishment she replied saying she had decided to withdraw my offer of employment as l wasn’t “buying in to her business no matter what”, obviously because having accommodated the first change of days/hours, l had dared to politely question the second change. I am so disgusted and it has made me feel even more unlucky as l picked the one job with an unreasonable mad women at the helm!!!! Feel like screaming, have been crying but suppose only saving grace is l have clearly had a very lucky escape😊