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Unrequited Love

I’m pretty upset, and the reason may be ridiculous but—-I’m going through unrequited love with my best friend. We are in college and both guys, so it’s unlikely he’d like me back. But the thing is, his type is men that are way older than him; mostly he likes people who can play support on League Of Legends well. I can’t really do anything about his taste in people—-but I’m literally watching him date different girls and guys that treat him like utter shit! And I sit and smile and reassure him. It makes it worse that today he was in such a cute mood, all happy and bubbly and so talkative to me as we were playfully fighting over who loves who more. (He means platonically and I frankly mean romantically but…he doesn’t know this) And so he brings up the current guy Alex who he’s into, and starts nonstop talking about how he loves him so much! I’m happy for him and all…but man…I try hinting at liking him and I considered confessing to him, but I don’t want to ruin what we have. I just wish I was good enough for him…but I’m going to have to get over it.


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  1. they2come

    i think this is life. most people are faking love and they sort of force themselves to feel inlove. and also love is not like movies and also as we move to futurism we will have robots that we can program to say and do what we want. otherwise you got to pay a sex partner to do all that and is any one worth that when a sex doll is just as good really. sex and love and friendship are a outdated notion from the last century. i never had a friend or been in real love or had a mutual attraction relationship yet. never had a hot mf man and never had a perfect job or wealth to outdo everyone else and that is what i aim for.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m going through this exact same thing with my friend. I’ve liked her for a really long time, and she’s the first person I’ve ever said ‘I love you’ to. Platonically, of course, because she’s straight, but still. I’ve always struggled with admitting to loving someone, even my own family. It seems like that word is thrown around too often and too causally. But after a few years of having these feelings, I think I actually love her.
    It’s tough, but your situation must be worse, because at least you have a chance of him displaying interest. I guess it’s easier to come to terms with someone being incapable of being interested than someone just… not liking you.
    It’s tough, but I think you can get through it.
    Keep going, buddy.

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