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Vince DiCesare from Mississauga is a homosexual pedophile of young boys

Vince DiCesare Mississauga Ontario is a homosexual pedophile is a sexual abuser and predator of young boys under age 11. Disgusting human being that has been caught in the act with the children of co-workers and family friends in Nepean, Ottawa, Mississauga and Toronto. Vince DiCesare an employee of Pepisco Canada was under investigation but vs PEP doing the right they were forced to keep him on to avoid law suites from DiCesare. Vince DiCesare avoids accountability to what he’s done to many male employees in terms of sexual acts on and off work property. He would abuse young boys of friend that innocently get invited over to watch a hockey game for goodness sakes. Families won’t come forward due to what this becoming public would do to them. Vince DiCesare acts kind and endears himself to young boys and when there is trust and an opportunity to be alone, he will fondle the boys and attempt to give them oral sex. This is serious and must be stopped.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN! Call Vince DiCesare out as a sexual predator. Tell him you know what he’s done and you won’t tolerate it. Vince DiCesare will smile, giggle and laugh about what he’s done. His father Enrico DiCesare abused Vince as a teen, and even into adult hood. It’s now consensual. Vince is acting out on young boys but it’s not an acceptable situation for any reason. Vince has had multiple male partners and has passed on 2 STD’s, including HSV2. Vince does not allow men to use protection during anal sex and is rumoured to be HIV+ but this cannot be confirmed. Vince DiCesare also has passed along STD’s providing oral sex to multiple male partners. What be confirmed is Herpes which is evident during his frequent breakouts with bleeding lips and open sores visible.

Take charge! DO NOT let Vince DiCesare get away with what he’s done to our boys. Tell him YOU KNOW and will NOT STAND FOR IT!!! Vince DiCesare born May 7, 1972 and born in Ottawa Ontario. He has abused boys in 3 Ontario cities. He’s overweight, clinically obese, brown eyes and a birth mark freckle or mole on the tip of his nose. Vince DiCesare is feminine in how he talks and acts and speaks with a feminine lilt and will not look you in the eye when you confront him. DiCesare has 19 reports for passing on HSV2 to men that have reported they were entrapped either iwth a drug in water or beer and later had symptoms of herpes.

ONTARIO FAMILIES CARE!!! Stop this pedophile from doing anymore damage to our children and families.


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  1. Anonymous

    Vince Dicesare is an attention whore. He loves this kind thing and loved reading this I bet. He’s a drama queen (pun intended) likes confrontation and wants to be edgy, no one will tell him how to his life. So bad news is, he’s eating this up. Good news is parents and other male sex partner can’t say they weren’t warned.

    Regardless Vince. Fuck you asshole.

  2. Veto@GloucesterON

    I’m frustrated reading about Vince DiCesare for what’s going on 9 years now. I’ve known Vince since elementary school when he lived on Sycamore in Nepean. Me and my family choose not to be social or interact with Vince. That’s my choice and by staying away, I express my displeasure on what this guy is about. That’s the grown up thing to do. It’s juvenile to be shaming him in public. Anyone that really knows Vince DiCesare would get that all this here is meaningless to him. It doesn’t phase him, and he could care less about what people think. He’s capable of telling out right lies to the face of police, his family, his school mates from Carleton University and co-workers from Pepsico in Mississauga. It’s all about Vince and what he wants and that’s who the guy is. So rallying around shaming and confronting him is useless. All you do is giving him attention which he down right loves and make him defiant to dig in. You also alienate innocent people that have no choice but to be associated with him like his Sisters and a Brother. I heard from his brother Rob DiCesare that Vince admitted he attempted to fondle those boys at the home of 3 different co-workers. He was caught trying was caught in process and startled, making him nervous and flustered. He never actually completed doing anything. That’s why the parents didn’t come forward. Vince DiCesare is up front and obligated legally to tell the men he has sex with that he has an STD. Vince does that and anyone that says he didn’t either wasn’t listening or took the chance resulting in Herpes being passed along to the dude. Should Vince even be having unprotected anal sex from guys? Should he be giving BJ’s with the guy unprotected? Of Course not but those are adults who take the chance. So stop the holy do-gooder rally against a gay man that obviously has no sense. It’s a piss off to his sisters and brother, especially Lucia who’s a sweet wonder woman, embarrassing to the families whose kids who are reminded all the time what almost happened when Vince was trusted, and makes Vince’s co-workers at Pepsico uncomfortable. Back off. Live and let live. Just cut the guy out. Don’t talk to him Be Polite. Take the high road. Stop thinking you’ll change him or be a crusader for justice. Vince doesn’t care.

    • SassyPants

      veto, sounds fair. good insights and reco.

    • DOUGjaxsonLEAFS

      I read everything and I’m not saying anyone is wrong. I’ve spent a lot of time with Vince DiCesare. I’m going to be viewed as the bad guy but he’s an OK guy. He’s done some fucked up stuff. He’s got some highs and lows and swings sometimes with extremes. Sure, I know he’s not for everyone. With me though I always had a good time with him. We would hangout naked in bed. He’s a great big Samsung TV in his master, and we could easily be 4 hours just chillaxing, watching movies, tv, hockey what ever. He would suck my cock during commericals, we would make out, blow loads. Even take a nap. One rainy Sunday we were 6 hours naked. He serviced me literally for hours, and I blew 3 loads over that long period of time. He’s a relentless pleaser. He has a passion for cock, loves to swallow, never complains, loves TV, hockey and he’s got a nice house. Like I said, I get it. I’m not an idiot, but I for one look past it and figure he’s not so bad in the big scheme of things. Lots of asshole out there. Vince can be like that, but when he’s got a mouthful of cock and balls resting on his chin, he’s tolerable and hospitable. Sorry to be the guy with a slanted point of view. I’ve had crazy bitches, and none could suck cock like Vince DiCesare. I zone out of the gross stuff, don’t listen to the weird stuff, get to hang out in a cool house naked, make $100 cash and I get a reliable piece of ass. Sorry folks. just my point of view. Be honest with yourselves, you get what I’m saying.

      • DennyWashington JR

        I understand your point of view and could call you out on a couple of points. Directionally though I gotta agree. When DiCesare sucks cock it’s like his natural habitat lol. I would tell him he was like a baby calf suckling and nursing on an utter when he would blow me so voraciously. He would laugh, pause and carry on. Even he agrees he loves semen, loves dick. I would come in the front door and he would jest, “hey Denny, you’re my meal supplement and I need some ah yur cum in ma belly”. Funny one time when he said it but got irritating after 6x. He would give me cash for my cock so guess I can’t complain. So man, well said I suppose. It’s complicated but you come close to getting Vince DiCesare spot on.

        • Anonymous

          i call 3868 Seebring Cresc Mississauga the Vince DiCesare house of horrors. you should read how dysfunctional your opinion on him his. like WTF do you really think that getting bj’s is worth turning a blind eye to incest pedophilia and std’s. you all deserve each other. I’m just glad I’m no longer the apple of his eye that he’s pursuing. No means no vince.

    • Brian@Ottawa

      Maybe we can start a discussion thread on how this kind of thing happens in families. Vince grew up with abuse from his dad. But yet his twin sister and younger brother we’re not abused. What made vents the target for his father? Could it be that Vince was just pre-disposed to be gay at a very young age and his father picked up on it? I don’t know but I can tell you that Vince has been dysfunctional since I first met him and when I saw him recently He is clearly depressed and self destructive in many ways. I won’t be the type of jerk that turned my back on anyone. So I gave him time to talk and just be himself. It was fascinating to hear how he lives his life with many times up to 6 male partners over a weekend. But what is remarkable is he doesn’t see this as being an issue, or problem. He’s very much braggadocio’s and seems to have no lingering issues of the intestine he suffered with his dad. Enrico is an obvious target of where this all started but I’m wondering if there is more to this than meets the eye. Regardless, I all of have something we would do different In our lives but believe it or not Vince has none. Even the stuff with young boys, sounds like he’s got no regrets and is very matter-of-fact about everything. If anyone has any feedback of how a Sociopath could be this way with no remorse I would love to hear your point view.

  3. Family 1st

    Can we focus on the boys please. That’s post purpose. Protect our boys against predators like this Vince DiCesare in Canada. So terrible!!!.

    • Andy from Grimsby ON

      I agree. It’s still however fascinating to see how Vince DiCesare Pepsico Mississauga turned out the way he did though. You can see how dysfunctional his life is and how he pursues the worst possible sexual partners. It’s like he’s punishing himself for what he was doing with Dad when he was a gay teen. You can see the collective issues from high school to University and now he’s an adult still messed up abusing young boys. A shrink should do a study on this guy when he lands in prison. Thank you though for bringing this back to the topic. I for one would read a book on how this all turns out. I would also want to meet and hug Lucia DiCesare who clearly is an unwilling victim as well. She’s Vince’s twin for goodness sakes and she has to suffer with her brother’s malicious tendencies. For you sweet Lucia, your 2 beautiful daughters are a reflection of YOU and that’s the beauty of life you should focus on!!! You continue to be an icon of what’s good about the DiCesare family. Don’t let your brother steal away the enjoyment of your daughters and the fine young women you’re raising. My advice is despite Vince being your brother, you need to protect your girls from any negativity. Continue to hammer home to Vince to keep his hands to himself with young boys and to be more safe in anal intercourse. But keep your our family and Vince as separate as Church and State!

      • Chico Rock

        Vince DiCesare has always been an odd duck since St Paul’s High School. We did suspect vents was gay but never knew about what his father was doing to him. This kind of makes me feel very sad for the entire family. They now have the embarrassment of Vince being a kiddy dingler. Kind of makes me feel happy for my boring life lol

  4. NepeanKristin

    Vince Di Cesare and what he does is not the fault of his family. No matter what his Sisters and Brother and outraged and don’t know where he gets this sicko behaviours . His twin Sister Lucia cries and is so disgusted. She’s a sweetheart and Vince is a dirty gay man who is not welcome in their him.

    • NepeanKristin

      That is not welcome in Lucia ‘s home that is. Sorry

    • Anonymous

      Lu is a sweetheart. This plays into that whole urban legend of the evil twin! Since St. Pauls High school and Carleton University you couldn’t get 2 more opposite siblings who once shared a womb. Lucia who’s an angelic lovely soul and Vince who’s allowing strange men into the house to give him anal sex. When he was caught he cried a river. Gimme a break!!! it Tell Lu we hope she’s doing wonderful and she has the prayers and support of everyone.

    • Gay Pride Toronto 2018

      Vince DiCesare should take all this nutso stuff and instead be a role model for many Gay and Trans-gendered adults like himself that are struggling with their sexual hang ups. Vince turned a big corner when he was hired back at Pepsico in Mississauga and would take the time to contribute his time to the Gay Pride Toronto committee. Vince DiCesare was AMAZING!!! The 2 years he volunteered had super results and he made sure all the volunteers were happy and well fed and appreciated!!! He’s a natural gay event organizer and able to organize tough situations when most couldn’t!! He was good for morale and make everyone laugh. At the end of Pride party for volunteers he dressed as each of the Village People through the night! LOLOL! He was a big hit even when he wore cowboy chaps and his bum was hanging out!! omg!. He’s got a sense of humor with his baby back ribs in his belly imitation from Austin Powers and rubs his belly when every bursts out laughing! He use to be a funny and happy soul now he’s miserable when we talked last and he just plain hung up on me. Tell em put his butt back into volunteering for Gay Pride 2018 again instead putting his butt through the abuse of being with nasty dudes that don’t even strap on rubbers before they have sex with him. He’ll be happy!!! We’ll take him back anytime he’s ready!!!! BIG HUGZ VINCE!

      • NOtoTRUMP

        Vince Dicesare Mississauga is not a role model for the gay community. He hates himself on how he behaves. He can be funny and make long work days fun. yes. But what about the times he would be manic? He would be happy and up beat bouncing off the walls one night making jokes. Then show up the next night with dark circles under his eyes, walking like he got plowed in the ass all night and sit and cry. He freaks the young volunteers out and is NOT NOT NOT a role model!!! No way. Really Vince not a stable person to be held up as a virtuous gay icon just because he’s a good planner for christs sakes. Should we take Vince Dicesare Pepsico back to our planning group? Sure yes because some things he does well and lives close to our office in Erin Mills but just saying lets not turn him into the patron gay saint.

  5. SaneelMombai

    You shouldn’t feel troubled about anything. Vince DiCesare has personal demons and has long before you breeded him. This man loves semen and was fascinated and loved my foreskin and I saw this myself sadly. I know where you’re feeling this and me too feel confused how to feel with Vince who’s a man that’s a weirdo predator. I received unprotected blow jobs from and gave him anal sex raw when we both were on Seebring in Mississauga when I was visiting my nephew and his bride. He swallowed my semen and I didn’t know how to stop him. I got tricked and lured in when I was was visiting from my country. I was sitting in his fancy aviator chairs and I fell asleep waking up to him sucking my penis. I slept with him to not go home late and he does sweat profusely as though he’s ill. I didn’t know where to sleep on his bed because he thrashes so much and I was at the edge of the bed it was so so bad. In the morning before I left he wanted to be mounted from behind like how dogs do it at first then Vince worked himself onto his back. Vince DiCesare is surprisingly flexible with fat thighs but he can take being pushed spread eagle. I thought it was like he did this so much it was gross. It took a lot to anally sex him i wanted to leave so badly. His anus was swollen like hemorrhoids and it was shocking to see but he had an opening anal gape even before I slipped my penis into him and i only needed to spit for lubrication. I made big mistakes with doing this with Vince and feel stupid. I still see Vince Dicesare’s sex face squirming and licking his lips when I was pumping his anus and i just wanted it over. It’s so bad he does this with young boys too and i’m afraid the welts i see on my penis sometimes is from him now I read this terrible tragedy I did. So regrets and I cannot tell my wife of 10 years because it’s so bad. Please people. Stay away from terrible man Vince DiCesare because he’s sick in his brain so much. I cannot tell you he makes me so sad what I did.

    • DennyWashington JR

      News for ya buddy. The reason his anus has a gape and swelled up is because he had for sure been fucked earlier that day. Effectively he had his “vingina” as Vince puts it broken in. When I was with him on a 3 day weekend his anus stays broken in after you ride him the first time and he’s in condition to fuck anytime. Weird sound but it’s what Vince Dicesare does. He knows what he’s doing with cock like he’s an olympian lol. Don’t be grossed but you only needed saliva because you saw a gape and that means lube already in his anus and likely sperm from the other dude there means you had an easy ride from sloppy seconds. Sorry man. I know it’s gross but you fucked him so that’s what you get. I stayed over. His pool is sweet and his house is nice and I know people complain and treat him shitty because he’s a head case but he pays for everything when I’m was with him and I get to cum whenever and wherever i want. Vince told me he has the herp but if you’re not seeing sores it’s ok and i’m not infected. He’ll tell you and ask if you’re HSV2 friend and maybe you didn’t know what he meant. You had to be with him when he was raw or something and based on how you described when you fucked him that’s the case. For sleeping Vince has towels he should have showed you if you needed them. When I was there his master bath shower wasn’t working and they would have been in his other bathroom. They’re black and thick real nice and you just throw it over where he sweats and you’ll be fine. You don’t need to put a towel on the pillow if you see gross stains. The stain is from him sweating and it don’t wash out. They’re washed but looks bad on white sheets. Vince asked me to spoon with him to help him sleep and that was ok but yeah he has wild night mares and thrashes around. I believe the stuff with boys when I look back at how he acted and pretended to be a little girl or submissive fem guy type. He wants to role play and that’s not my thing but he keeps doing it. I didn’t know about his Dad and incest but it doesn’t matter and not my business. He hates his sister maybe this is why. I stopped going over like the other guy said. Vince Dicesare can be demanding and needy and it made me scared for my safety that he would lose his shit. I wouldn’t let my ex-wife tell me what to do sure as hell I wasn’t going to let a crazy gay dude. Vince DiCesare as fem woman like and lispy flamboyant as he is gets when he snaps and argues it’s not good. Vince will try to force you to do what he says and even throw in your face he gave you money. after he gives you stuff he doesn’t let you forget. He gave me money for gas. Money for my rent when I was short. He paid me for time with him when I didn’t take the overtime at work. so Vince Dicesare thought he could tell me to answer my phone and when I had to be at his place. I said fuck you Vince Dicesare and just changed my number and never been back. Bad in a lot of areas but you get what you get when you sleep with a crazy gay fuck. Vince DiCesare is from Ottawa Nepean and we were suppose t do a road trip and never did. I’m not suppose to say other things about his Job at Pepsico but if they knew what he was doing it would be bad bad news. Sorry to all. I feel no guilt or anything because you just know looking at dark rings under his eyes he’s not at good. This sounds dysfunctional and it might be but Vince shows you cash sometimes it’s a risk you take. I’m black and extra cash don’t come easy and he’s a dick hound so be it.

  6. RyanC

    Vince is a dangerous person yeah but sexually he’s a very much incredible man pleaser. I let him blow me twice and I fucked him 3x. He’s fantastic sucking my cock and I enjoyed it and he did me right to completion. 1st time on his knees in his foyer for 20 min. His knees in the hard white tile didn’t trouble him. Other times I agreed to go to his bedroom . He’s stocky but very much able to do anal in many positions and smart how he accommodates for his weight and thick thighs. On his back his bed is high so I could stand while he’s on the tall bed and fuck him with his ankles on my shoulders. He’s very good and I saw no signs of herpes. After a few times I got nervous cuz he began to get needy and clingy. I had to block him during the day he would interrupt me at work. Driving from Burlington to his place in Erin mills he wouldn’t leave me alone til I answered and he would freak out on me on the phone. He was so needy I got scared he would show up at my job.

    He got pissed when I told him no more. I finally had to threaten to Best the shit out of him if he didn’t stop. I’m sad cuz I see now he was into weird stuff. Act likely young girl when he was sucking me with a weird fem voice and stuff. I’m reading this and feel bad too cuz I get it he was abused by his old man and I should’ve been less angry with him. I don’t regret fucking him or feeding him my cum. I just regret how I handled the break up. He was so needy worse than my ex girlfriend and now I’m confused and think I could have done different. Maybe he’s abusing little boys because of me on how I yelled and screamed for him to stop. I dunno. This sucks and for the best

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