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I can’t comment to Vince DiCesare Mississauga Ottawa Nepean stealing ripping people off but you’re wrong about why he was fire fired at Pepsico Canada in Mississauga more than 2 years ago. This is old news but BING popped this up. It was a work scenario that anyone that got pulled into it’s wake will never forget. It started in 2010 and finally was resolved in 2012. A horrible but real ordeal that could be a training video on what can malicious and disruptive things can break loose at your job. Vince Dicesare was fired for retaliating against his work group who chronically complained about him, on and off over a span of more than 2 years. The frequent complaints were all relating to erratic behaviour after Pepsico reorganized a couple of times. Vince DiCesare was in fact a placement issue (also known as not capable of doing the work he was hired to do) but with so much change in personnel he flew under the radar bouncing from Manager to Manager. Within the last task team Vince was part of, as he was called out for not getting his work right time and time again, he became disruptive, loud. Vince DiCesare is completely not a self aware person, oblivious to what he was doing to everyone, anywhere he was. Imagine a tornado flying over someones head and that’s what Vince DiCesare from Mississauga was at Pepsico Canada. I’m not trained to be diagnosing but it was like he had ADD with a terrible dose of escalating rage, that was volatile and unpredictable. Sociopath and Narcissist checks every box on Vince DiCesare, on top of what was obvious bouts of ugly misplaced anger. This type of crazy swing was both on the job directly and work social as well when me and dozens of others have seen him at team building events (we all hated work social stuff but we do it because that’s what you do in a big company ;). Vince DiCesare was startlingly erratic and had hostility issues that made you shake your head (is this for real?) making it stressful. Vince DiCesare created an up down unhealthy space for those just wanting to succeed learn, progress and grow their careers. He created so much turbulence and anxiety he was the cause of sicks days when some people knew that had to work with Vince DiCesare Mississauga. People grew to be nervous going to work and being around Vince DiCesare. Bosses unsuccessfully tried moving Vince from Shopper Marketing to other departments to clean up the situation, but that didn’t happen.

Although Vince DiCesare had obvious personal demons and issues, his PEP firing was never related to Vince DiCesare’s gay lifestyle, theft, stealing or hygiene. Pepsico is a tolerant work environment and he was never a target of hatred despite many times where he would try to engage and bully people in a discussion about it. This next point may have been purposeful by DiCesare but to demonstrate the outrageous behaviour to lure people into near fist fights, Vince DiCesare would disappear for what he would call smoke breaks. One time, with several people looking for him, he returned with a semen shot spot on his purple dress shirt, with the white essence of the semen still evident against the lilac shirt (I’m sorry for being graphic but it’s necessary to share the shock his team mates had to deal with). This purple shirt incident was only 1 of many and a real example of PEP embracing diversity, and how accepting his team and managers were. Of course it was met with red faces and an immediate change of the subject. We knew it was purposeful since Vince DiCesare actually pointed the semen out with an odd and eery giggle, showing it to people on his team and even those even unrelated to the meeting he was late for. I understand if you’re in disbelief, but this was one of a hundred examples of unprofessional chronic acts he would stir up, but still is unrelated to the “WHY” he was terminated. It’s obviously apparent what Vince DiCesare is all about socially and there are many lesbian and gays working for Pepsico Canada. But only Vince Dicesare Mississauga Ottawa Nepean was Clever enough to use it to avoid taking responsibility for not being on time or where he’s suppose to be letting down his team. He has an alternate lifestyle reputation but no one has ever put him or anyone else down or said a word, or even cared. In fact Gay and Lesbians are diversity within PEP culture. In a culture of diversity and inclusion, everyone has their personal baggage in their home life and highlights too. Both issues and upbeat things alike among Straight, or Gay. With Vince DiCesare as with anyone, we all just take each other in stride and in this case “that’s Vince DiCesare”, and as long as he does his job, he can still be a key contributor and part of our team regardless of promiscuous pursuit of men in and out of work. Now I want to share the root cause and undeniable tangible facts that goes beyond a “messed up shot spot Vince missed on a purple shirt”. Pure and simple, Vince couldn’t do his job, was terrible at it and that’s the uncomfortable issue he would never acknowledge. Vince DiCesare couldn’t see it and anger would build and explode because of DiCesare’s inability to see what was so obvious to everyone. The issue with Vince DiCesare Mississauga Ottawa Nepean and the only barrier everyone had was his explosive anger and hostility. You can accept and nurture someone like Vince DiCesare who has a self professed learning disability but not when they deny having said so and bully you into submission, unable to face the facts that he was worthless on the job. Vince DiCesare was not reliable by any stretch and was a classic weak performer on the job, denying mess up after mess up. DiCesare struggled with every aspect of his work and wasn’t meeting time lines making everyone around him pick up his slack and do double hours on nights and weekends to complete major projects. After you reading everything about Vince DiCesare being fired you’re now getting was is a simple fact that sums up succinctly why Vince DiCesare was fired. Vince Dicesare was a mess, scattered with excuses using embellished health ailments that also turned out to be mostly false and grossly exaggerated. That deceit relating to his health was of course terrible, especially for those with real health problems but looking deeper this talks to Vince DiCesare’s non existent integrity with ZERO moral common sense. Although the health untruth’s should have been a primary cause of termination, it wasn’t. Once again that speaks to quality of Pepsico Canada’s Leadership assuming Vince DiCesare could potentially redeem himself by getting to work on time and actually finishing his assignments. It wasn’t his horrible hygiene (although addressed 50 times or more in 2 years), it wasn’t blatant bad judgment on what he did during smoke breaks, or even his open fights on the phone with his ex-Husband. Right at the top and all that was important was Vince DiCesare’s poor work performance. Dicesare’s loud and aggressive responses to complaints on his poor performance and not meeting stakeholders expectations was to divert attention from the issues with bursts of anger startling his managers and team making everyone avoid him to keep things peaceful. They and even me became afraid. Even when leaving DiCesare alone, if anything even remotely negative was brought to his attention he would verbally explode beating on anyone giving honest constructive feedback begging for the sake of the work they needed form him. Even with HR and managers protecting Vince Dicesare he would talk negatively against our company, the same bosses trying so hard to save him. Dicesare would attack coworkers complaining, being angry as a diversion for him messing up doing terrible work. If you’ve ever heard the term “Johhny can’t read” that describes this unfortunate scenario. He was lazy but also had limited ability to retain what he was taught. Vince DiCesare wasn’t a fit for his role and simple things were all over his capacity or even his ability to learn and comprehend fundamentals. When anyone would offer assistance or help offering tutoring feedback he would react in such a harsh abrasive manner no one dared address it with him again. You have to applaud DiCesare who I’ve since heard prided himself on how he “f’d over” Pepsico Canada and the people. It worked. He lasted years with this strategy that largely worked due to so much turn over of people from re-org’s until a group of dedicated Pepsi colleagues lobbied together to make this terrible situation right.

If you read the cause of termination Vince DiCesare had poor retention of information, unsophisticated skills, low level comprehension of his material or would outright plagiarize what decent work he did come up with. Train wreck is how it was described by 2 unrelated people. I personally say he was simply average in some areas, lacking in others and simply in the wrong job. I gave him that feedback having coffee and that was met with a red face and F bombs that I didn’t have a clue. I will never forgot how scared I was and it was an adrenaline rush of fear that I will never forget. Vince DiCesare Mississauga Ottawa Nepean became so combative with others including cross department Marketing stakeholders and leaders alike, it was astonishing and frankly shocking, something if I read in the Globe & Mail, I wouldn’t believe it. We all wondered when the ax would fall on him. Rumour mill PEP couldn’t fire him because of his Health Claims of disability, mental issues and his sexual orientation protecting him. It’s rumour only he is transgendered but it made sense as to why he couldn’t be fired, claiming a Mental disability. He told married, straight men he had a “man p**** he calls his vingina” and that may very well be a clue to everything. A joke but infact a real device to dodge consequences of poor ability. A good person with integrity would have gracefully quit for the sake of the team but Vince Dicesare made it very bad for everyone, wanting everyone to go down with him. During dramatic tirades Vince DiCesare would lash out at someone and when they gave facts on all he could do to improve , he would blow his top. Pointing at how they were horrific leaders, prejudice to the gay community, unfair and mocking him. Vince was so so extreme that he could dish out negative and aggressive darts but when the receiver would bring up what was so obviously wrong, setting aside his personal life and focusing only on work, he would set off a shrill and almost female animated shreek. It was like a circus everyday for that poor team.

When his work group joined forces assembling a formal grievance, Vince DiCesare started to be consistently in their face angry and aggressive making the work environment more toxic and made the department feel threatened as in a hostile work environment training video. The issues with Vince DiCesare are something everyone knew about across the entire department, outside to Marketing and Sales, the Customer, and everyone working as both Mississauga buildings and Pepsico Offices across Canada. Vince DiCesare talked openly about the complaints, claiming it was making him sick and needing to leave work early daily for stress relief. Vince DiCesare tried to turn it around attacking and sought to ruin the good reputation of 2 members of his work team and 1 business stakeholder’s private family and life outside of work. When the Plano and HR investigation was done even his friends not working for PEP would back him actually helping the investigators. Vince DiCesare had no support and finally after a long struggle, pain and loss of good people, Vince DiCesare was escorted out of the Pepsico Canada building. Since being fired his anger management problem is still quite serious. He was married to a man from Ottawa Nepean area then divorced and dating a man from out West now. Although it was a hellish journey with him, here is hoping that Vince DiCesare is in a good place with a simple job he can handle. I only mention that because I believe that once he has a man in a warm bed at home, Vince will want to protect it, having something to lose and that in itself will improve his work ethic and emotional balance. I also believe Vince DiCesare’s self esteem and emotional well being will get better and the by-product of that will be no more lashing out with Anger and terror. He never did anything to me except swear but he did make for a bad time for several associates that couldn’t take the daily drama and double work load to make up for Vince DiCesare’s gaps. It’s his mood swings being extreme one hour to another that’s the unacceptable problem, not his lifestyle preferences that haters continually bring up. If I were to describe what Vince DiCesare needs in 1 word of advice it wouldn’t be about his gay lifestyle, or morality. It would be about being a better person with “BALANCE” and “CONSISTENCY”. Maybe even 2 words would be good advice, “JUST THINK” or “TRY HARDER”. I met someone at a conference that mentioned Vince DiCesare from Mississauga works for them now, negatively saying a former Pepsico Cartoon Character was messing up big at his new place of employment. I feel guilty that i said nothing. Nothing on what happened at Pepsico Canada in hopes that DiCesare turned a new leaf. No innuendo or unproven things like Theft or being a work sexual predator as reported. So I ask you all do the same, and warn everyone to think before you contribute to make facts fuzzy. That’s what good Pepsico Canada workers do. Does anyone really know who’s at fault in private times behind closed doors? Ask for truths that can be validated and only then you can add real value to this discussion that’s trending, and all the buzz at Pepsico Canada.

MUTTR Forum VINCE DICESARE MISSISSAUGA OTTAWA NEPEAN Response #PEPSICO EMPLOYEE VALIDATED CONTRIBUTORS ONLY: – Please Refrain from Replies or forum contributions to this thread not related to PEPSICO CANADA. Please be Current or Alumni Pepsico Employees only. Posts relating to Vince DiCesare’s personal off the clock relationships, mental health issues, pedophilia or other Non Pepsico Related should be in a different discussion thread please! Thank you 😉 A. H> Thank you for your help, and in turn you are helping others in metro Toronto’s CPG industry. Cheers!

You make good points, but I think that in this case, you’re trying to defend Vince DiCesare’s diverse and alternate lifestyle as being more important to preserve vs an upbeat work environment. You’re not seeing the pink elephant in the room. You’re spot on however on some key points. Vince DiCesare Mississauga Nepean Ottawa was a lazy untalented slug of an employee. Having said that he could have been placed in another role that required less thinking. Tactical non-strategic, lower level work and he could have contributed in a different way. Where you’re missing it and don’t get it, is Vince brought his sleazy home and personal life into the office. All the baggage of whatever he did behind closed doors played out in the work place as well. If I brought my family troubles to work or had a spat with my hubby on the phone everyone would immediately tell me that work is is no place for it. But because Vince DiCesare is homosexual it was OK and tolerated? It’s unfair and not a balanced view of what should be a healthy work environment. Vince DiCesare’s shenanigans giving bj’s to men including some PepsiCo employees on parking lots during a smoke break would never have been accepted if a woman did the same. She would be the resident Pepsico Nasty and reprimanded. With Vince DiCesare everyone would turn red, shut up and let it go. A lot of people just wanted Vince DiCesare as a problem to go away. It took almost 2 years to get rid of him and he’s doing the same thing where he is now. When we ran into the Kellogg Canada team right after Vince DiCesare was fired at Pep it was the exact same behaviour and horror. The only difference is Kellogg had the sense to deal with it early. They protected the people that needed it. Not Vince DiCesare the psychotic sociopathic creep. This could go around like a Merry Go Round but just saying you need to stop thinking of Vince Dicesare as needing special tolerance because of mental illness and just make troubled people perform and conform the way all Canadians should. Respect one another’s space and needs a like. Vince DiCesare PepsiCo nightmare has policies in place now because of how long we struggled. I’m glad and hope Vince finds his right man to settle with and can make amends to his family and friends he’s alienated. I think though it will take more than a man in DiCesare’s life to make him right. DiCesare’s divorce was ugly if his families Facebook is any indication. He scares me and everyone else and now his own immediate family is guarding and restricting him around children. That psychotic look of anger, sexual glares at men’s junk in rest rooms, the bags under his eyes, his screaming and yelling still makes me cry. We had no respect for so long and now we’re happier and having fun doing super work. I actually look forward going to work 😉 Hope you’re happy too! We miss you but also know you can’t turn down big jobs. I think you’re a peach and would love to see you back! Congratulations again.

Anonymous gave Advice 1 month ago — 10:39am
I left PEP before this was resolved. I reported that I would feel uncomfortable around Vince DiCesare. He ask if I wouldn’t see his penis anytime he would show me. Then stare at my private area. Not one time, not two. It was whenever he could work it into a conversation. I would use urinals away from work area because he would follow me in or sit in a stall waiting for men to come in. That stopped after more than 1 complaint, like 4 that I’m aware of. He would watch men pee. One after another. It was upsetting. Not funny in the least. It was weird and terrible. He talked to me like a child sometimes. LIke he would put on a baby or toddler voice and act as though he was gaga on me. Please this is embarrassing and not a joke. He would carry it on and when anyone walked up to us it would stop. I left PEP with some good friends and memories thank them for what they taught me but they should have acted so much sooner. I agree with you. Now I hear he has HSV2, anal warts and is caught up in the same problems where he is now. I hope he understands that this is inappropriate and wakes up to what he’s doing. It’s an accomplishment and PepsiCo is great place to train and pick up good skills in life and I would return their for certain!.

Anonymous replied 4 weeks ago — 11:21am
Vince Dicesare from Pepsico Canada is one of those rare individuals who fits into a Sociopathic personality disorder (The Jeffrey Dalmer type), along with being a text book Narcissist. When I knew Vince Dicesare from Ottawa, he was a boastful person who was full of himself. Dealing with Vince DiCesare, youre dealing with a weird guy who does not have the ability for empathy or to emotionally tune in anything but his own twisted needs. DiCesare comes after you with this quirky and freakish odd seductive approach (hence his self-professed C0ck Whisperer Badge he wears with honor) with every male co-worker. At work, if you don’t concede to his constant lack of capacity or tainted thinking ability, to see things from his slanted perspective friction would begin and he turns it into emotional warfare. Vince DiCesare lacks empathy, and is not accountable for his behavior. DiCesare has set up a world where it’s only about him, what you can do for him exploiting others for his own gain. Regardless of what you do, even if you give in to DiCesare, you eventually discover you’re revolving around him and feeding his disorder serving his weird needs. Dealing with Vince DiCesare, day in and day out became a very traumatic experience. When PepsiCo put DiCesare on notice that his behaviour would no longer be tolerated, it became an even bigger nightmare. Vince DiCesare attempted to seek revenge screaming unfair treatment because of Sexual Orientation, Health Issues and squeezed the Human Resources system for all he could before he was exposed and fired. Even months later DiCesare wouldn’t stop the battle continuing to seek revenge on everyone that crossed him getting him fired. DiCesare is self absorbed with no clue of the pain and panic he put everyone through including personal outside of work friends, his husband and twin sister. Despite every trait that showed DiCesare was on a course of self destruction, this full blown narcissist wouldn’t seek help to the point where he was fired and divorced from his Husband, blaming everyone else. When I spoke to DiCesare last, all he could say was how everyone else was wrong, not seeing a single red flag within himself.


stuipid renters trying to act like they are lawyers when they dont know what they are talking about


Fuck my life.


  1. nick s

    Sexual predators like Vince DiCesare from Pepsico Canada rely on you being polite and not bringing up what he does. He’s a malicious fuck he feeds off the kindness of others, and continues to hurt families and people. Just tell him You know his game and that you know he’s preying on you like a queer vulture. The fucking creep watches me piss staring and smile and looking up at me. Are you kidding me?! #metoo Thanks Pepsico Canada. You keep gay pedophiles on the job to avoid being sued but you what about those that want to do a good job and not be worried that this dude is going grab a dick in a washroom. My uncles is gay. My buddys sister is lesbian. None of them act like this obese gay kiddy lover

  2. SalPd

    Vince DiCesare won a Labour Board dispute a while ago and got back in. He even got back pay. I’m new to Pepsico Canada and was told to read this when I asked by VD was paying creepy attention to me and following me into the washroom pretending we’re carrying on a conversation. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach. He’s a nuisance and distraction. I make good money here. I will just be careful and tell him I read the grievances. Thank you everyone.

  3. Anonymous

    This entire thread is TL;DR.

  4. Marc (Orleans)

    I was with him a couple times at his house. Excellent time, nice place, cool high end stuff in his bedroom, he gives excellent oral attention to every detail with your balls and d!ck. He’s voracious and eager and I for one can put up with the showering thing to have that kind of hungry expert that never stops. My issues the couple of times we connected before his work and husband issues are spending the entire night with him his tough. Ideally with Vince’s issues you should spend the night in his other bedroom with the older furniture but he pouts, cries, whines if you try to leave. I think part of it is he really wants the constant stimulation of a guy with him which I like, or he’s paranoid of being alone in his bedroom. The entire time we were engaged with each other, really deep into me pumping him, Vince kept jumping out of bed and peering out the window like he heard someone outside. Vince is genuinely a nervous guy who’s distracted in a weird way and from what I could see it’s totally irrational. I hear nothing at all but Vince stops sucking and shush’s me as though he believes someone is out side. I asked if it was his husband, but I knew he was in Ottawa, which is why I was over. The other issues are out of his control and that’s that Vince is such a restless sleeper. The worse I’ve ever been with. Vince snores so loud for such long periods of time, you can never really drift off to get any rest if you have to get up in the morning. It’s scary too because Vince gasps like he’s out of breath, then you think he’s awake after that because he’s smacking his lips but he’s actually still sleeping. Another difficult to deal with issue is that Vince is like a human furnace. If it was winter it could be somewhat tolerable but this was summer a couple of years ago. Vince’s body throws so much heat when he’s sleeping, he perspires creating damp spots when he roles over. He keeps lots of pillows on the bed but he actually sweats from his head also to the point of being wet not damp. It’s a real problem. The sheets he had on the bed where white but you could see nasty stains on the pillow cases from sweat. You really shouldn’t try and sleep or lay where ever he’s been. I feel terrible saying this. Vince puts out sexually not wanting to do anything but please you and get you off. If it was just a couple of hour thing I would recommend him to anyone wanting someone that knows his way around a man’s body. Dicesare is intuitive with cock and a pleaser beyond anyone you’ve been with. For a burly big guy, he’s incredibly nimble rolling around and never tires with his legs up around his head when you’re topping Vince’s asshole. When he’s with me Vince is smart and he puts a towel under him to catch the leakage I’ve read about here. This is a guy in touch his body limitations and problems and Vince gets it. I liked the time I was with Vince Dicesare in bed except for the problems. Between the bulldozer snoring, wet sweat spots, the paranoia of him thinking someone else is coming in was too much. Even if he used a head harness to minimize his mouth opening to stop snoring, Vince rolls and moves around constantly, snoring even on his side, back stomach. You’re wondering why I didn’t mention the Herpes issue, or address the other stuff? It’s because when you meet with someone like Vince Dicesare who’s seasoned and experienced since St Pauls High school in Nepean and Carleton University to deep throat you like his mouth was a pussy, you have to expect that you’re having sex with the last dozen men he’s been with. Vince never said he was single, was up front and open that he’s looking to play and was married. I myself have have had some issues health wise but make sure I’m not inflicting it on my partners. One time Vince did have the weepy bloody sores on his mouth, and during that time I wouldn’t let Dicesare suck me. I just took him from behind rode his asshole and it was fine. Vince does have feces leakage and a grotesque gape but I’m not marrying the guy. Anal warts? Probably but that’s a virus you could pick up from a bathroom. Vince would never be my friend. He’s peculiar in a creepy kind of way and has issues of course. I would however fuck him or get head from him before any other man. Vince is that good. The reason I’ve lost touch with Vince was the disruptive sleep, and yes. One time I did have cash missing from my wallet. I can’t say it was or wasn’t Vince. But that’s my problem. If I was careful I would have locked my wallet in the car. VINCE if you’re reading this I’m sorry you’re having problems. Keep your head up and get some mental help. You’re not alone in needing a tune up in your head from a psychiatric professional. You’re only human.

  5. StephanieKW& Dwayne

    I don’t think anyone here knows the extent of what’s dicesare done beyond what’s here. Vince is running nervous about it and he should be. I feel like this could have been prevented. Dicesare didn’t think it through. Didn’t cover himself and he knows it.

    • Lacey

      Great list John. A couple of inexpensive ideas that come to mine are a good rocket blower and a hot shoe bubble level. Both very useful and inneepesivx.

  6. TomyCmore

    Vince Dicesare snores like a buzz saw and sweats so bad when he sleeps that he creates wet spots where it’s impossible to spend an entire night with him without hitting a clammy wet spot. If you decide to take him up on his offer,Basically just get your blowjob and leave. Dicesare gasps for air snoring stops breathing and just when you think it’s over he starts again. in the middle of the night he tosses and turns and makes it so that you cannot sleep on the wet spots he creates from sweating so badly. I’m talking so loud I can’t believe he could sleep through his own snoring. So loud where it scares the crap out of you.You would think a guy that big and that short could never jumped up on his bed it set so tall, but he doesn’t. Kind of funny watching him take a flying leap to get in the bed, ha ha. When I slept with him he had white sheets on the bed and the pillowcases were stained from the back of his head Dicesare sweats so much. The solution would be to sleep in the bedroom with the older furniture versus the nice stuff but he won’t let you do it. I thought it would be cool to get a blowjob in the morning, but with no sleep it’s not cool at all. I it’s been more than three years since I saw him last. I don’t know if he is still in Erin Mills. He does this weird baby talk thing which can be a aggravating but there are ways for him to keep a mouthful and stop ha ha.

  7. jjBaracuda

    Vince DiCesare Mississauga Ottawa area who was fired from Pepsico is a scoundrel. Vince DiCesare is a short obese guy with a bells shaped odd belly sag with very chubby thighs that rub when he walks. Vince DiCesare has Feminine traits and mannerisms but is not transgender. DiCesare is a man for sure. Vince Dicesare has a birth mark mole/freckle in the middle of his nose. Crooked yellow teeth. Heavy smoker. Big jowl looking face, brown eyes with dark rings under them. Vince Dicesare is flamboyant and stares at men’s zipper area (trying to be polite) and stalks men in washrooms at his work which is how he trapped my brother. Vince DiCesare does indeed have an odd foul odour which he’s oblivious to. It’s definitely the stench of feces, urine and oddly enough rotten eggs as well. Dicesare dated my brother several times while Dicesare was married to a much younger guy from the Ottawa Area (Bells Corners a suburb). When my brother tried to break it off Vince stalked him and threatened to reveal their sexual relationship to my brothers girl friend. Vince DiCesare gave my brother HSV2 and anal warts which he now must share with anyone he has contact with. Over 11 weeks of intimate dating my brother is certain Dicesare stole more than $390 which turned up missing from his wallet every time he was washing up after giving anal intercourse to Vince Dicesare. My brother was victimized by Vince DiCesare and he’s now in counselling paid for by Pepsico (thank you). My family wants to thank everyone from DMTRI who have communicated all of these issues to help other men not fall victim. “VINCE DICESARE IS MY STALKER” was the name of my brothers diary where he would express the horrible things DiCesare put my brother through. My brother stopped writing in his journal after reading the swell of support from the DMTRI community that Vince DiCesare victimized who have shared their experiences on DMTRI. We especially thank George who has taken away the gross sexual escapades and victimizing of that young boy only to focus on proven facts. This is my fight song. Thank you to all.

  8. Anton and Olaf

    Lady T, yes we know all of it. This is very complicated. Trust it’s all on a time to be made whole and right. God Bless your passion but stop hating.

    • George Jetson

      May the Lord be with you Anton. My peace I give to you. Thanks for your sensitivity and good spirit.

      Vince DiCesare knows he’s fortunate how you’ve separated the issues. This could be worse for him. All around we do things right and stop the madness and personal criticism that is not work related. Does he deserve no. But we take the high road always.


  9. Anton and Olaf

    Sad someone as messed up as Vince Dicesare gets this attention. Forget him. Believe he will get what he deserves which appears that he will understand the emotional anxiety he’s committed for years. That’s the circle of life. Dicesare is Satan. What he says and does is evident that he is he work of Satan. He’s going to hell and you need to find your peace I that. Your voice is heard. Let him now experience the same horrible stress and lose his money and home. That’s what will matter to him. Vince Dicesare from Mississauga Ottawa PepsiCo Canada revels with this attention and you’re feeding his ego. He’s a sick twisted gay man with no time but hurt others so let God make it good please. Thank u

    • OooLala Lady T

      You make sense but it’s important to see justice and amends on this. He has to pay for what he did to many lives. I keep being deleted so I won’t mention the terrible sexual deviant behaviour with married men and a co-workers little boy after the family being so kind. Vince DiCesare losing his home and guarnishing his wages isn’t enough. He has to face everyone and own it.

      • Doc

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  10. George Jetson

    Cindy. Simple and perfection of design to our path! job here is done. With great pride we owed our people and we had mission and cause and now triumph after agony. So is life and now I more forward. We’ve seen hundreds of impressions and with the blast there is no doubt mission is accomplished! Stop the nagging and forget how.

    %move2step8 imgur photo Vince Dicesare

    • Donna G

      George, thank you. Dicesare is an asshole just like his own leaky asshole. He had spots on pants from leakage. So gross. His pants stuffed up his deep buttocks walking around the building. This is all so in the past but the learning is never forgotten.

      • Sandy

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    • Donna G

      George, thank you. Dicesare is an asshole just like his own leaky asshole. He had spots on pants from leakage. So gross. His pants stuffed up his deep buttocks walking around the building. This is all so in the past but the learning is never forgotten. Have a nice weekend

  11. Jane Your Wife

    There isn’t 100% alignment on Pepsico Alumni only. You deleted posts from many passionate people directly impacted. I understand your honourable intent but how can others let off steam on What Dicesare has done in isolation of the bigger picture of his work place belligerence? All 1 in the same. Start another thread with only the HSV2 and boy fondeling issues and it appears to be simple disgust. This is a big picture problem with Vince Dicesare and to me it looks like manipulation in favor of Pepsico HR v Real People without a big company behind them. Just consider it.

    • Mr. Spacely

      Muata what’s being lost is the message of work and a safe place to land in your life. not deviance of what he does at his home. I can not say with great authority anything as we don’t want that to mixed in what he did to his teams. I understand what Vince DiCesare has done with inflicting horrific issues but that’s his business out of work. Leave this to Pepsico Canada QTG Frito Lay Current and Past or of 2nd person removed to PEP. Nielsen will start a threat too and you can also. Others are taking care of other action him for off the clock issues including making sure people around him and where he lives know what he did to protect the youth component of your email. Back down and seek out support from the Facebook posts which support your position. thanks.

    • Cecile

      Jane, I have some photos and will reply all to the email and share. From his FB page before he and his husband deleted it. I can’t see where to post here if you can help?

      • Cheyanne

        Okay here are the details. I want to add a new button to firefox, the purpose of that button is that when i type something in the address bar in firefox and click that button in navigation toolbar, that must serve the purpose of “I am feeling lucky button on google ho#;eagp&m8221e. Any super genius here?.

  12. Daughter Judy

    Ditto. Just picked up the email blast. I passed along to some PEP alum on Dicesare. Just watching Kessel mix it up with the Pens (haha good riddance) but had to say MERCI. You give and give to so many. No more Muttr Stutter on the nasty Sh!t. Good judgement counts and you got it. Time and place for all diva. cya. Let me know if I can help. God Bless

    -Bronze Glow – 2 u

  13. Your Boy Elroy

    Ditto. Just picked up the email blast. I passed along to some PEP alum on Dicesare. Just watching Kessel mix it up with the Pens (haha good riddance) but had to say MERCI. You give and give to so many. No more Muttr Stutter on the nasty Sh!t. Good judgement counts and you got it. Time and place for all diva. cya. Let me know if I can help. God Bless

    • Mr. Spacely

      Elroy, Kessel is a killer loss. Shannahan is a fool. Kessel is a selfish moron but scores goals. Thats how u win.

      • Your Boy Elroy

        Kessel and Phaneuf suck dick. Get over it huh, now that I think about it, so does Vince Dicesare! Haha!

        My bad. I broke my own rules 🙁 bah! I’m entitled to slip. See ya Sunday Mr S

      • Watching from the Stands - a Wolf's Point of view


        It appears your problems have never gone away, evergreen, never ending. I don’t know you, but know everything about your back story (I mean everything, and what you did to our good friend). Just know the buddy that did the most for you, of anyone your entire life – the 1 good guy you’ve done horribly wrong, still wishes you all the best for your life. Shocker I know, but if really knew him, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Despite the spineless hell you put him thru, he wish’s you the best daily hoping you’ll get past all of this, and live the great life you were destined to have. (His belief, not the sentiment of many people)

        He believes that Whatever life you decided to lead, it wasn’t your choice, your sexual orientation, and chemical problems you didn’t chose – they chose you. Your bazaar issues however are from a combination of things. Mostly your problems are due to bad judgement in who you’re chumming with. Those people and issues can be overcome. Your wiring and sexual identity you should just accept. Your bad friends, you should reject.

        Whatever you’ve done to him (or anyone), or whatever else you will do, it doesn’t matter. Anyone that knows you like he does, understands you’re different, “needing understanding, someone that sees through your obscurity and instead sees your potential”. You need believers, not nay sayers. That’s how he feels, but I have a different opinion which I’ve learned to keep to myself. Sure, you might have one time been a good guy that he trusted, but It doesn’t mean you have free reign to run rough shod, and be given a free pass from the penalty box. You’re definitely OFF SIDE on what you did to him and you’re the reason for all your troubles. You know it, but will never admit it. That’s how stubborn you are. You took horrible advice and whoever assisted you this last time, could have landed you in trouble you would never have over come. Stop worrying, he let you off the hook, as he always has. You’re wrong, completely oblivious to truth, getting horrible advice from terrible people. You think you’re the smartest person in the room, with everyone being your bosom buddy. You’re not dude. Just from reading this mess which I found with 1 simple search, you know I get it, and have your real back story. He knows You didn’t choose to be gay. It’s how you were born. You should have told him, vs hide and lash out, and your friendship would not have changed. Instead, you go nuts and look at the carnage in YOUR LIFE, not his. He was the man to try and make it right for your sake. You were the mouse, small thinker. No real Italian man would have done what you did. A man faces his problems, just like my friend did. You lost an incredible advocate, and believer in you. You know you did. You’ll never replace him and you’re feeling it. He’s better without you – we tell him, but he still mourns and thinks about the loss.

        What’s odd, is you’ve been forgiven a thousand times. Even when he did the noble thing to give you what he thought would feed your vengence, for your ego, you crapped all over it and did what’s been horrible Karma for you, and will be for the rest of your life time. It made him even stronger, exposed you as morally corrupt. The masses rallied around him, and for you? You’ve been figuratively alone over since. Again and again, including your most recent plot that back fired, doesn’t matter to him. All your hurting is the people that care about him. You couldn’t have crapped on him more than you have yet he still believes in you – not even trying to defend himself against your plot. Consensus with many is that you’re obsessed with him. He thinks you’re only following the horrible advice of very malicious people, that are getting your goat chuckling behind your back. If he’s right, They really are Laughing behind your back – they have to be. Your coworkers and associates see you as a dog in a cage and they’re having fun watching you squirm when the stick goes in to rattle you up. He sees it as clear as day, but he’s can’t help you and won’t. I see it differently. I don’t even know you, but by your behaviour after all he’s done to help you a majority of your work life, you must be an idiot. Totally a moronic goof. His wife, family, close friends? It kills them but he won’t allow any negativity from them. He just wants to zone out to what you’re doing. It’s obvious what you’ve done and continue to do, but no one can say a word against you. Don’t jump to conclusions. He was shocked at your orientation and selection of men as partners but he still supported you as his friend. Maybe didn’t approve of how you approached your “binge weekends” but still, you were his friend. You just never gave him a chance to adjust. You chose to lie to him but again he forgave that too. I think you had an agenda by keeping it from him. Only you know what you were thinking. I personally think you were milking my friend for all you could get out of him.

        So use your friggin head. The instigators are right under your nose. In one case going back years, was someone that saw you as a competitive promotion threat. Guess who Vinny? Despite all of this, You’re born lucky to have a life long friend like him. You could have been crucified for the spineless “panty boy” things you did to him, but instead, you’ve been given mercy by a good man. He’s a saint, so is his wife and family. You’re one lucky guy, and I for one have no idea how he still gives you the benefit of the doubt, defending you. Making excuses for you. So here is a very cool concept you might want to consider proving me and 200 people wrong. Do you have the balls to Take responsibility? Apologize? Straighten out your life by Stopping the promiscuous behaviour and embracing honesty vs your compulsive lying? Why not Cut the people out of your life that have been feeding your paranoia, abusing your body with unsafe sex and giving you bad advice for years. Even better? Maybe just one thing is what you should do. Just apologize to him. He still thinks the Real Vinny is out there, somewhere, just a lost soul. He thinks One day, you’ll find yourself and be back to who you were before your Kidney induced problems (which if I read right, you lied to him about as well). I don’t know you, except for knowing what you’ve put a good man through. He, his family, friends, you really shit all over them, but he still defends you. Odd enough though, the more you lashed out to hurt, the more you’ve made him respected, stronger, even more revered than he ever was. That’s the dude he is. My friend is awesome and a hero to many. You keep pounding on him, blaming him, all unfounded and he turns the other cheek making him stronger. Why? Maybe he’s foolish, or maybe he really did believe in that young promising talent that he took a chance on years and years ago.

        Wake up, smell the coffee. You’re OFF SIDE, abusive, wrong. You lost the single greatest friend like family that any person would ever have in their life. You lost him, and you know you messed up. He lost nothing, except you as a burden, and the trouble that follows you. He’s better off away from you, your problems. With you out of the picture he finally had the time to give others. You monopolized him, dragged him down. You being so needy, all the time. He didn’t care, he liked you but we missed him. You know you lost big time when you lost him as a mentor, friend and believer. Can you Make it right, and maybe create some good out of this? I think this has to be A Novel maybe? LOL , Clearly folks will think it’s Fiction, it’s so damn hard to believe someone like you is real and not a fictional villain character. He’s friend and mentor for so many that are grateful for what he’s done for them. You missed out, you sure did. As much as it scares so many to think he really would let you back into his life, I know he believes in the OLD YOU. Yeah, You. Yeah, dumb, huh? lol. But that’s him. Sees you as a glass half full.

        Last advice. What you did trying to roast my friend, you obviously have done to a boatload of people based on what I’m reading here. You’ve pissed off a lot of people with some of these facts revelations even to my friend. How about making some amends, and potentially your karma and blessing from the universe will turn around. Grow a pair. Be a man. Fly straight (no pun intended).

        • JMorneau

          Well said brother. Good advice. DiCesare is troubled and needs to get back to the blocking and tackling of day to day life. Sad, and disappointing. Waste of a human being.

        • Anonymous in Toronto

          I don’t know when the last time it was you spoke to the “good friend” that you were talking about. Seems to me like your information is dated. You are right that he let Vince off the hook, but you are wrong when you say that he welcomes Vince back in his inner circle. You even posting this in public demonstrates that you have no clue about the morals are good friend has. Our friend believes in privacy, doing the right thing, respect and not a public flogging of a guy who really needs a break. No matter what Vince did to him he would never condone you posting this shit. Nothing you wrote has a place in public. If he wanted to reach out to Vince, he would through the right channels. Your miss-guided bashing of Vince is obvious and transparent, while our good friend has killed himself trying to make things better for him. All considered, this says that you are the ass. And to Vince DiCesare, brush off all of the stuff, stop googling your own name, and live your life. The only thing this moron did get right, is the quality character of our mutual friend really does wish you the best of everything. God bless you always

          • Anon

            The “good friend” doesn’t hold grudges and Vince knows it, taking advantage of it many many times. Our friend is one of the few quality leaders that has a short memory (forgives and forgets). $50 bucks says if DiCesare was in trouble, he would bail him out. “The Good Friend” always made excuses for Vince. Favoured Vince for as long as I’ve known them both. Even during this multiyear mess when DiCesar snapped he never said a negative word against DiCesare despite the stuff he’s done. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can discount the heavy duty bond they had. Despite DiCesare going off the deep end, $50 says our “good friend” is matter of fact like nothing happened. I wouldn’t say Wolf Point was flogging in public. If you read the rest of the shit on here that was supposed to be secrets at PepsiCo, if anything Wolf Point is the most truthful and balanced. The “good friend” stopped paying attention along time ago. Vince DiCesare should take that leading by example and do the same thing.

            What an ugly dysfunctional mess. It’s the weird stuff that seems to follow DiCesare everywhere. Who would’ve thought he suffered with an abusive father. I can tell you this was a revelation for a lot of people.

        • George NY YANKEES

          I would comment if not for worlds colliding. Too friggin nuts. Bite my tongue until it’s falling off lol

        • Vin's Past - Remembering

          Vinny, Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, you’re taking giant panicked breaths. Suddenly you become euphoric, docile. You accept your fate. It’s all right here. Emergency water landing – 600 miles an hour. Blank faces, calm as Hindu cows. Vince’s epic collapse and dumbfounding ignorance. Now Vince keeps asking, “Why, Why?”

          Maybe it’s time to admit you made a fatal error in judgement. Be a man (not a jab). Apologize.

    • Stittsville ON

      I get vince dicesare from Mississauga terrible behaviour at work was influenced by the incestuous relations he had with enrico dicesare his daddy when vince was going St Pauls Highschool in Nepean. He says his father was drunk but really?? but too it doesnt explain why as an adult when Vince dicesare was going to Carleton University Ottawa that Vince carried on still sucking off his daddy and still taking it in the ass gettiing sodomized in his butt hole? Vince talks about it like a victim which at St Pauls I agree and feel bad he had that. vince was a always a flaiming feminine gay dude from when he sucked his first dick as a teenager in the back of his mom’s house. I get it’s his wiring and the way his brain is programmed to love the cock and be the cock whisperer. but why suck enrico’s cock in university when he had a choice and he’s an adult? just think about it people!!! it aint right. Vince sister Lucia and amelia and roberto the bro no issues with the old man. so Why Vince only? I dunno. Seems fucked up to me and an excuse.

      • Anonymous

        Vince DicCesare is a sexual predator. Ask the young son of one of his co-workers. He ruined the life of the boy, family and no remorse. Vince likely gave blow jobs to his old man when enrico was in a drunken stupor.

        DiCesare is a sociopath. No self awareness for what he’s doing to innocent people. He will however pay for it.

        His entire neighborhood should be notified. They deserve to know.

      • Anonymous

        It makes no sense cuz DiCesare likely made it up to get pity and for a lame excuse of why he’s a cock sucker. Think about it? He embellished that he’s sick when he was at PepsiCo Canada. Now he’s saying his old man was a drunk and he was forced suck Enrico’s dick. Naturally you would say poor guy, that’s why he’s the C0ck Whisperer. Vince is a compulsive liar. He’s thrown co-workers friends and his own family under the bus. Now is dad. My guess is Vince is a sexual predator for men’s and young boys dicks because it’s his preference not cuz he was forced to by his old man. Also would give him an excuse in front of a provincial judge if the parents would have call the OPP. They decided to keep it quiet to avoid the embarrassment. Vince DiCesare has been malicious like this since he was in Nepean during high school and at Carleton University. Sounds like PepsiCo suffered the same trauma. Lucia is not like this and their twins. She’s a sweet babe and a good fun sweet heart. Rob is easy going nice guy. Vince is creepy and a sociopathic liar to the other posters points which are well expressed and exactly correct from what I’ve known. peace out

        • Elly

          I think using duck eggs taste some difference with chicken eggs. I like to make my own kaya too… but I am trying to cut down on coconut milk and eggs due to high chteoslerol…. so sad…

      • Betsy

        This whole produce box thing is really giving me a workout. And I do2#;8n17&t mean just lugging it from car to kitchen. I have met some vegetables and fruits in real life that I never knew existed!

    • Ned S, Carleton University

      Vince Dicesare Nepean MIssissauga Ottawa’s butt cheeks had a serious rash when I fucked him. Bright red like serious inflammation, like it was inflamed as in burning bright red. Not blistering but a rash, just an intensely red serious looking mess all over his ass butt cheeks. He said it didn’t bother him and to pay no attention that I could just go to town fuck him but if you saw it, you know it did bother him it was tender. His bed sits up high and he winced getting into bed. His booty is huge but would call it infamous vs famous. I wouldn’t touch him again after the number of guys he infected with HSV2. He doesn’t allow rubbers so it’s all at your own risk. NJ

      • Martin Orleans ON

        Vince Dicesare’s rash is real and from him wearing adult diapers when he’s roll playing the fucking weird baby girl talk thing. I don’t want to gross anyone out so stop reading if you have a week stomach. Dicesare would physically and literally shit and piss himself in those diapers after and sometimes before he gives up his ass. Call it fetish for feces or part of Vince’s sick roll play but this was seriously so gross I couldn’t keep my erection. I had to jet and leave him in pink baby dolls that hadn’t been washed in weeks with a diaper full, with this fucked up dude pretending to be a fucking infant child. Like a baby girl wanting to get Fucked in his Vin0gina. Not at all what I thought when he badgered me to let him see my cock at a urinal at the mall. I have no misgivings for bolting. All I wanted was to unload his mouth or ass, oh well, put up with weird shit? NO way. I had to go. When he shit and he wanted me to fuck him, it explained the smell he has. Rotten eggs, urine, crap. It’s his thing. So gross I’m ashamed and can’t believe I went as far as going to his parents house on Sycamore to do it. Same guy Ottawa and Mississauga Toronto. He has a weird sagging belly that’s a weird shape going down to his dick. Dark circles under his eyes. Shit brown eyes. Freckle birth mark on his nose. Yellow crooked teeth and he’s a lispy campy feminine type. Infamous booty is right. It’s an odd shape and deep like twice as deep as any dude I’ve fucked. His diaper or underwear both gut stuffed in his butt cheeks When he’s not in this baby girl character he’s still flamboyant and obvious which is how any dude will know plus the licking of his lips and staring at a dudes basket. The rash as radical as it might be is fucking diaper rash. Yeah not making joking jabs her. For real. He’s oblivious to it. Thinking you’re turned on and teases you. All you wanna do is fuck him and go and if not for him soiling himself I would have. I’m glad he did it. I’m upset now with I’ve seen here. So makes me feel terrible. That’s a fucked up wack job. Vince Dicesare is just wrong!

        • Dollie

          Uma pratica que eu tinha quando escutava mais musica era de, ao menos uma vez ao ano, escutar o iPod do inicio ao fim. Regras: ao menos um album por artista, nao mais do que duas ou tres musicas puladas por album. Demora meses e meses mas te faz reibocserdr muita coisa boa que nunca parecer ser a pedida do momento.

      • Moon

        Super inraomftive writing; keep it up.

    • ForGoodnessSake #Mississauga

      One of my closest friends, his wife and sons know all of the characters here. He and his family have been personally hurt by VD, the person referenced in this message flow. My buddy understands the type of individual VD is (beyond what anyone can imagine. You cannot possibly put yourself in his shoes, or believe the suffering he’s endured as a target of an obsessed VD), so understand where this humble request is coming from. No agenda, nothing to gain. It’s only about doing the right thing.

      Keeping my friend and his wife’s bad experience with VD in mind, please help by stopping what’s being communicated here. If you’re one of the people that has contributed to the dialogue, I encourage you to delete your posts. You might think you’re doing a good deed here by piling on, but the accusations and suspicions you’re pushing forward, creates a back lash in other areas – beyond the scope of just VD. Trust that you’re creating incredible pressure that will only result in unintended harm to good folks associated with VD, that don’t deserve it. Literally, what I would call “nuclear fallout”. Not only is the drone target destroyed when a bomb is launched, but the fall out is wide in radius, meaning everyone in that radius suffers as well.

      If you really believe that VD has committed these type of terrible things, there are numerous Mississauga outlets to express your anger and also protect kids. After all, isn’t that the intent of this entire effort? Do right by the Men and kids impacted? Regardless of Parents not reporting it, Children’s Aid of Ontario are there to help. Google it, or just call (416) 325-0500. Simple, the right thing to do, and they in turn can dig into what exactly happened here.

      I have only 2nd hand, but credible knowledge that VD is in fact a troubled individual since around 2009. The content of how troubled VD is, a wide spread blanket of propaganda largely focusing on VD’s gay orientation, versus the root causes of the issues that VD suffers from. What’s not common knowledge, or in any way referenced to balance out the facts is that VD suffers from an illness, which is indirectly the primary cause of the problematic behavior you’ve heard about. At first it was a serious “physical ailment” requiring surgery; not the mental health concerns we’ve read about (erratic and unstable sexual tendencies that have had repercussions with many men). Understand that VD didn’t choose to be seriously ill. The illness chose him, zero fault of his own. Sadly, it was the treatment for that physical problem, post-surgery, that impacted the personality my buddy once called his closest friend (family), changing what made VD unique, special – forever. The pre and post medication personality was a shock. VD was lost in the ugly treatment process, “never to return”. This isn’t an excuse for VD, to explain the “why” for what appears to have impacted enough people to create an angry torch carrying mob of moronic school chums and co-workers. VD’s legitimate health problem is a fact that anyone “really knowing” VD can easily validate. Don’t trust me or anyone. Find out the right way, for yourself. Ask the right questions directly. In a direct and honorable way, my friend attempted to help VD by preventing terrible things from happening to others. It was tough love, the right thing to do, but ultimately it didn’t help VD. Only VD can make things right, not all of you, or anyone. That’s a conclusion my friend and his wife came to after years of effort. All it did was create a lifetime loss of 2 good friends, who were the envy of most (odd, but true). I don’t know VD, but have heard the camaraderie stories that make you laugh so hard, you cry. In the big scheme of life, no biggie losing a friend to most of us, good riddance, we all lose a friend. But for my buddy and his wife, in the smaller scheme of really living a great life that matters, it was a big deal, an empty hole that won’t be filled.

      In Closing, by all means, if you have a real beef that you think an agency can help with, use the right channels to make a difference if you’re seriously worried. I suspect however that most of this is simply “bandwagon bashing”. Small minded homophobic people, kicking someone when they’re down.

      I post this without the knowledge of my good friend, his wife, sons or extended family/friends. My friend has the good sense to look away, close his ears to the nay sayers and say, “LALALA Don’t want to hear it”. To you though VD, if he did know, he would want to be the one to give the Alter Boy the “help and break he needs”. He has a soft spot for you bud, from the time he wanted to help you get better with better Physicians, give you financial security and bring back vitality in your life. No matter what you’ve done or will do, he lets you off the hook. I can’t figure it out. I’m sure you, who knows him better than anyone else, including me, would expect no less. #BestAlways

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