Im 14 and I know people don’t think we have relationships that matter but to us, they do. Anyway I started to date this girl October of last year and things were great. We truly liked each other and I loved being around her. Im gonna cut right to the drama. So my friends also date so we all hung out together. One night it was me my girlfriend, my friend and her boyfriend all at his house. It was late and we were all gonna stay over cause none of his parents were home. We were all laying on this long couch, me with my gf, and my friend with her bf. The order went me, my gf, my friends bf, and my friend. We were all friends so we didn’t care if we were near each other. I noticed that my friends bf was oddly close to my gf and I kinda just shrugged it off. Then I noticed his hand was on her thigh. I had a mental breakdown. Im not a confronting type of person so I asked her to do something like get my phone so she could move and he would be off of her. She said no, completely knowing that his hand was there. He went to the bathroom and so out of idk relationship or whatever I put my hand on her thigh and guess what….. SHE F#CKING MOVED. SHE LIKED SQUIRMED HER BODY SO MY HAND WASNT THERE. I have no problem with her being uncomfortable with it but them my friends bf came back. AND HE PUT HIS HAND ON HER THIGHT AGIAN. She never moved, didn’t even flinched. That night I told my friend about it and she didn’t believe me, I told my gf……. and she denied it. I was broken. We stayed together though I just told myself that I must have misinterpreted it.some months pass and know its February. Once again we r all hanging at his house. Me n my gf r together and him and my friend r together. I had to leave early so I hung with my gf the whole time and had fun. When I got home that night….. she texted me. “Hey, can you talk?” as soon as I saw that, I knew. To keep a long as story short she ended our thing. Said we weren’t doing anything knew, and that we can still hookup (Make-out) and all but she’s not gonna say we have a thing.SO UR EMBARASSED TO SAY U DATE ME, IS THAT IT? OH, SORRY I RESPECT U AND DONT WANNA PUSH U TO DO THINGS BUT GO RIGHT AHAID AND IT IT TO MY FRIEND WHEN U KNOW ITS WRONG. SHE BROKE MY HEART AND IS TILL THINK ABOUT EHR TO THIS DAY. Its been a year, im not over it. I recently told her how I felt and she said “Aw I love you so much (meaning as a friend) but in not ready for a relationship now.” A week later….. she tried to get with my friend. To anyone who reads this and someone is in love with you that u don’t feel the same. Don’t make excuses. Just say NO. if she said no, I would feel and be so much better than I am right now. Thanks for reading and don’t ever let someone waste months of ur life.