I don’t really get you.
I initially didn’t like you. But when we started talking, we both found out that we liked the same stuff. You even showed me your hobbies and interests on skype. You showered me with time and you got my sarcasm like you’ve known me for 5 years already. You fucking sang me songs on skype. You showed me your pieces of art and you told me stories about your past.
We talked as I checked out the links and photos you sent me. You did chores while talking to me. We talked endlessly throughout the days since both of us have too much free time.
You said you wanted to know me some more and missed me whenever I wasn’t around. You told me you liked me and wanted me to be your girlfriend and I didn’t have any objections with that. I only said let’s give it some more time so we could get to know each other very very well. You even joked around, saying you’d want to marry me. And I laughed at you for being so adorable.
You said you’d never hurt girls the way your ex did. You even told me that when I move there, I could always stay with you and we can live together. And begged me not to move to the state where I was suppose to go because you wanted to be with me. We talked for more than 5 hours straight. You were the sweetest, most real guy I’ve ever talked to EVER. I rarely find people like you….
You told me your dreams and I told you mine. You shared your family background, and I did too. You”d stare at me through the screen for a few seconds, and I’d usually look away due to embarrassment; and you’d laugh. You know exactly how shy I am. After that, you’d tell me I’m adorable. Every single time we’d skype, in the middle of our conversations or short silences…you’d sigh and remind me how beautiful i am. And when I told you that you shouldn’t get involved with someone like me since I’m not exactly fixed yet and I wanted to fix myself first because I may end up hurting the people around me—you said you’d wait for me and didn’t care if I were like that. You said you’d earn me and my trust…..
Goddammit. Who wouldn’t fucking fall for that? D:

And when I did start falling for you. You just suddenly stop calling or chatting. You never reply to my messages but I always see you online. I’d try to hold myself back from sending you anything so I won’t come off as annoying, clingy, or needy to you since we’re not even officially together yet–because last time, my messages failed sending due to the faulty internet, and when it did send, they got accumulated and sent off all at once, which might have given you the wrong impression. 😐

You promised to call me. But you didn’t.. We haven’t talked in a few days and it’s just driving me nuts seeing you online but not giving a shit. I’ve sent you short messages over the past few days that you haven’t replied to yet.

are you leaving me hanging now? After I fell hard for you???
I thought you said you’d never hurt a girl the way your ex did to you? But what about now? I thought you said you still want to know me more?….And I thought you said you’d wait for me? 🙁 whatever happened to all those?
Whatever happened to your promises?
What the hell am I doing wrong? This is fucking torture, homie.
Do you know how many times I’ve played “Why don’t you love me” by Hot chelle rae ft. Demi Lovato in the past few days??

I’m waiting here. And as of the moment….I see you online yet again.
Now what? :/