My mom keeps these secrets from me, even though she knows full well they involve me. Well, at least one involves me. I have a problem with my Uncle Jeremy and I told my counselor about it. He told authorities and my grandmother, who then told my mom. And my uncle is apparently moving to where I live. He’s far, far away at the moment since I live in the southeast and he lives in the northeast with his girlfriend. I was extremely mad when I found that he was moving near me but then I looked at messages on my grandma’s phone and it said stuff about lawyers. So I think I might know why he’s coming down here. Another secret is my mom’s apparent boyfriend, Brian. I was on her phone and I saw an unknown number so I looked at those messages. It had a picture of this random dude and my mom with his arm around her shoulder. I looked at the texts and my mom was telling him something about how he should tell “her” whoever that was. They said some other stuff I don’t remember but what really caught my eye was something my mom said. “I love you so much, sweetheart.” That ticked me off. I know it’s been years since my dad died when I was 4, 8 years in fact. But I haven’t moved on from him. Four years of my life I had small contact with a father figure, only small, but 8 years without a dad is horrible. Another thing she’s hiding is a conversation with a lady. I don’t know who but it’s either my aunt or my uncle’s girlfriend(who’s awesome btw). My mom said she “loves it when they visit” so it has to be one of them. They were talking about a man, either the lady’s husband or boyfriend. My mom said that the man was probably just so overwhelmed by everything that happened, that he became depressed. She said other things like “he has a reason”, “when did this happen?”, “you an always call or text me, even when I’m in class”, and “I love you”. I have no idea who the lady was though. It would make since if the man was Jeremy but when my mom said “I love you”, I’m not so sure. She probably keeps other secrets too, along with my grandma. It annoys the heck out of me though. Like, duh! If you’re going to have a private conversation, don’t have it when I’m in the room right beside you. Don’t trust me with your phone, either. I’m extremely “nosy”, but I prefer curious. Off topic, sorry, so….Thanks, “mother”, when are you going to tell me when Jeremy has to go to court? You know I’m going to be a main part of it, too. What exactly are you hiding, mother?