You have to be joking, you of all people, the one man I fell in love with, the one who told me sweet things and made me promises, you were the one who had to go? Out of all the shitty people I talk to, you? You had to be the one to ghost me? You know how I feel, you know that I was falling in love with you, and you had to leave me? Withoutbwarning? Without saying a word? This is the kind of treatment that makes me feel lost. Makes me feel worthless and unloved. You are the reason why no matter what I do or say, I feel like I’m caught in a void. I want to love, I want to have intimacy but men like you ruin it for me. I never feel safe enough where they will stay. But when I finally let that guard down, it happens. They are gone in a flash. It breaks my heart. It makes me cry, makes me angry, makes me want to vanish into nothingness. I want to love you and I know you wanted to love me, so why did you have to do this to me?