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I’m not sure what to do about her anymore. We met just a few months ago in English. She couldn’t get enough for me, and having her around has made things different. I don’t really talk to her much, and when I do, we have nothing in common. Usually she rants on and on about how she loves me, but I just feel bad that I can’t really say anything back that would mean as much as half of what she says about me.

Whenever I try to ignore her and hang out with my friends, I come back to see my phone full of guilt trips, rants about why she’s into me, and just spam in general. All I can muster most of the time is a simple “hi” as a reply. I’m just not interested in her as much as she is in me. When she hangs on me, I only hug back to please her. I don’t have to, but I feel awful if I don’t.

The people around us don’t help much either. Everyone keeps saying we’re a cute couple, but all I want is some space so that I can be myself and live my younger years the way I want to without stressing over her well-being. I fear that if I do leave her, everyone that knew about our relationship would flat-out think it’s because I hate her (which I don’t) and witch hunt me over it.

I’ve gotten no support at home either. My parents are convinced that we’re already engaged and if I do end up breaking up with her, it would be a huge blow considering of all the social media attention we’ve gotten off of their Facebook feeds.

If I tell her that we’re just too different, I’d feel awful because she’s already been hurt before by someone else. If I don’t say anything, this cycle would continue and I would be trapped indefinitely. What should I do?


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  1. Anonymous

    Just fuck her as much as you can. Sex is only good and don’t have scruples cuz females do the same when it suits them.
    Don’t let the manginas and her friends to scare you.
    Meanwhile look for something better.

  2. Anonymous

    You are not in love with her. If there is no love, it wont go anywhere. You must get over your crippling anxiety about the whole situation and end the relationship asap.
    You know exactly what you need to do. Do it now so you can finally be free and move on with your life. Move on, be free, be happy.

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