i honestly hate when people that do shit unplanned like ??? you want us o go somewhere for a specific time, like for a job, no information about the job but you want us to be there. no fucking time in which you should be there, what is being done, who we are working with, does the company know we are working with them ? , are they informed ? like why you be doing that shit and people working with you and in the company knows nothing about like what the actual fuck and then you wanna get all mad when people call and ask about it , i guess yeah you should be mad that they asked when they were speaking to you in such a tone but lik could you blame them ? you can’t after you have been wasting their time not once but FOUR fucking times , coming to a certain place with no specific time , not knowing what you were doing , he company having no clue what the fuck is going on and when you ask about it making a complete ass out of yourself just because you failed to do something of the role you took on of that job ,