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I broke up with my girlfriend recently, and I thought it was what I wanted. She does have a few issues-anxiety, depression. I broke up with her because she was starting to become overly attached. I told her that I needed more time to focus on things I want to accomplish, but she got immature about it. There was instance where I wanted to see her for a few hours on a Saturday, and she got mad and upset and told me to forget about it because I wasn’t spending the whole day with her. I thought I made the right choice, but I’m not so sure anymore. I love her to death, I really do, but sometimes I wonder if we’re really meant to work out. My parents, siblings, and friends cant stand her and have constantly told me I can do better. I know she has depression, and is socially awkward, and things aren’t always the easiest. But she’s not a terrible person. If I did go back to her, I’d have to explain to my family why, and of course they’d all be disappointed and then everyone would think I’m a helpless idiot who can’t see “the truth.”

Then, there are my own reservations. I realized quickly after I broke up with her how much confidence she gave me. I felt amazing knowing I had her. She’s the one I could run to anytime I wanted to break into a million pieces, or was stressed, or anxious. She would soothe me and calm me down. And she was adorable. I could completely be myself around her and have fun in any moment we were in. But our interests clashed a bit. She hated the beach, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I want to do amazing things in this lifetime, and she couldn’t care too much about where she ends up and has no idea what she wants to do. I wanted to keep moving and do things, and all she’d want to do is sleep and watch TV. I was vocal some of the time, but most of the time I kept quiet and tried to find a common ground- some activity we could agree on. I often wonder if this stuff even matters in the long run. It scares me to think that it might.

I also realize I’m curious about dating new people. I see other girls all the time, and wonder who they are and what they’re like. I wouldn’t mind finding someone whose interests and passions closely match up with mine. But that’s hard when you’re at a low point, and don’t have a whole lot of confidence in yourself.

I guess I just don’t know which way to turn.


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  1. Jailen

    fond de teint, anticernes, poudre et blush = la routine de bcp de femmes le matin…mes pores vont très bien merci (d’où l&i;cuosrmportanqe du démaquillage).

  2. Anonymous

    she sounds exactly like me :O and my boyfriend kind of broke up with me recently too :O

  3. Anonymous

    My advice is, do what makes you happy.

    Don’t feel the need to please everyone else, only please yourself. And if someone is not content with your choice then it is their problem and they need to build a bridge and get over it and they should be happy that you are happy.

    You’re in an awkward and difficult situation but you seem like a bright person so hopefully whatever you choose to do will be the best one.

    Good luck

  4. valsy

    Loving someone with anxiety or depression can be really difficult, I myself suffer from both.

    Regardless of her issues you also need to look after yourself. What your friends and family think only matter to a certain extent. How you feel, and that you are making the right decision for yourself, is far more important. You might want to ask why you don’t feel as confident within yourself without her, or if it is just having someone as close to you that you miss.

    People will always judge others with mental health issues, sad but true. Her “laziness” is probably just a symptom, which can be helped by being more active.. Not shocked at hearing this I’m sure!!

    Anyone that gives you advice about what to do probably has their own agenda. Like your family or friends, especially if they don’t like her.

    Make your decisions based on your own gut instinct and you cant go wrong!

    I hope whatever you do, you find peace, and aren’t to hard on yourself for putting tour happiness before that of others!

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