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What the hell is going on with UK political parties

I swear all i hear is about the parties talking trash and offering a lot of money to “buy” voters. I dont see anything about the actual improvement of the country. All MPs are trash talking and i haven’t seen anything that will actually better the country. I highly doubt that any of these idiots are able to do anything the previous idiot haven’t done. At the end of the day it is going to be “Party A did nothing in the last term”. Like what the fuck did you do or offer, pretty much the same shit that wouldnt even get put in. All i want is less scroungers, no 5th generation benefits family a stable NHS and better opportunities for housing.


Your mother is a bitch.


Fish in an office environment is a nono


  1. Joan

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  2. valsy

    The problem with parties is they all have an agenda that is not actually for the good of the people!ideally id like to see a more people focussed system, whereby we control our own communities etc. Not to everyone’s taste I know, but cant be any worse than the arseholes in charge the now!

  3. Anonymous

    Personally all i ask sturgeon to piss off. Hur hur hur lets lock out the tories instead of making good policies. Focus on making a good offerings instead of bad mouthing someone else. Good one dick.

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