I just need to rant and at times like this as so where it happens often… I feel almost as if I need to write or type and get it all out and have someone listen- if anyone even is. Now here’s where I explain my stress level and where I’m starting to become irked by a situation I can be patient with but my breaking point is slowly creeping up on me. I might explode. Now I’m not trying to be a typical teenager where every little wrong situation which doesn’t go my way is the end of the world. I get it. I’m teen at the end of the day but hear me out. I’ve been in the United States for 16 years. 16 years ? You’re 17 though ? CORRECT but unfortunately i’m a 17 year immigrant. Life in the U.S is already big pot of melting problems with little hope for my future. No Social. No License. No Job. No such thing as ” furthering my education”. Saving money to expand my future is not an option. I went into panic mode a couple months ago when I learned after I went into process to receive my SSN & work permit… it had been denied. Here is where my near dreams for my future and dream job came crashing down and my lack of motivation came into account. Skipping school became a habit. Missing 4 days in row was a normal event. As I moved to my new location I dropped out of going to school to be home-schooled ( not exactly dropped out but equivalent ). I was in the medical program at my school as I aspire to become a RN and move my way up to become a surgeon… surgeon dream became crushed. Scholarships are not open to me… only LEGALLY RESIDENTIAL U.S CITIZENS… college dream became crushed. This situation itself drives me insane knowing I spent most of my life getting outstanding grades, taking tests, learning bout the u.s and its world history and to even memorizing the preamble to not have the equal citizen right. I’m 100% fluent in both English and Portuguese. Nothing pisses me off more when legals think it’s so simple to apply for a green card. I’ve heard such things as ” go after what you want ” ” if you really wanted your citizen rights you would’ve had it by now”. No no no. You got it all wrong citizenship in the U.S takes about 20+ and about 20 grand to get you the ” Freedom ” America offers. I already got denied for my DACA program… what else does it take for me to earn my rights. Start my life in the U.S ? take 10 years off of college to finally be able to receive a card with 10 digits on it that allows me to attend a university ? I just want my rights.