so at my high school, they have a course which they’ve just recently come up with and they’re trying out for the first time. it’s a course that binds history, bible, and english all together, and is a mandatory one for all freshmen like me.
i thought that before i make any harsh judgements about the class, i might as well experience it for a bit first.
it’s been 9 months. it is almost the end of the school year. it was quite possibly the worst 9 months in my academic career.
first off, the freshmen class is split between three teachers, and we rotate between them now and then. this means that there is miscommunication between the teachers and that confuses us. for example, for an upcoming assignment, one teacher might tell us one thing, and another will say something else, and it completely throws us off.
not only do they bombard us with multiple assignments all the time, but they’re all due within the shortest periods of time. our teachers reason that they don’t give us homework, so that makes everything fine, but it really doesn’t, because we spend so much time at home working on the said assignments, which basically makes them homework.
and everyday in this course it is the same routine – the teacher lectures, they make us analyze an article or something, then BOOM we have an a three page essay that needs to use historical and biblical evidence, plus a whole buttload of writing techniques we just learned, to prove the most complicated points, with the most vague benchmarks, all due within two days. it’s preposterous. this rigorous routine that we repeat over and over again makes the class extremely unbearable because there is no creativity at all. there’s no way to express ourselves in an artistic or unique manner. we’re forced to accept a certain way of learning or expressing our learning and it’s unbearable.
and one of the three teachers of the course is basically a dictator to the other teachers. whenever we have whole class discussions with all the freshmen, this one teacher is the only one talking while the other two sit around like potatoes.
and what’s more, no one in our class wants to ask clarifying questions about an assignment because whenever we ask something, the said teacher shouts about how we weren’t listening at all, and it’s so degrading. and if we hand in work to this teacher that is below satisfactory, the teacher snaps about how it is “rubbish” or is “terrible”. seriously, what’s wrong with saying, “well, this isn’t exactly what the point of the assignment was, so maybe i could help you rewrite it” or “you didn’t use a certain skill or format properly, so why don’t we go back and review what they were”?
the entire school year, the teachers have asked us once how we feel about it, and seem to have listened to none of the feedback we gave them. it’s ridiculous. they ask for criticism then completely ignore it.
and finally, our semester grades in this course are only based on our final assessments, which we only have a handful of. what that means is, all our notebook work, class participation/discussion, etc. means nothing, regardless of how good we have done. so if we mess up on our final assessments, our whole grades comes crashing down.
for someone like me, who cares a lot about doing well in school, all of this can be very discouraging. we don’t get helpful feedback, we are told degrading things, and our grades sometimes don’t reflect all the hard work we’ve put in. i don’t mean to brag in anyway, but prior to high school, throughout all three years of middle school, i’ve gotten multiple academic and character awards, and was the best english student three years in a row.
this year, my english grade isn’t as good as i’d like it to be, and it’s very sad.
this school year, my GPA goal was at least 3.8 or higher, but currently it’s only 3.625 and i’m trying very hard to bump it up but it’s difficult.

that was very long i’m sorry, but i just needed to get some stuff off my chest. i wonder if there are other people going through a similar thing. i wonder thoughts other people have.