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so i’m just here to let things out that i cant really say irl or to ppl ya know. so ive liked this one guy for over 4-5 months and he’s just really great; nice, smart, sporty BASICALLY EVERYTHING. but the thing is he’s a //badboy// or //troublemaker//. i didn’t really think that his reputation would matter to me and stuff ???? then i told one of my best friends that i like him bc we’re really close and we give each other a lot of advice. +++ he’s in the same class as my **crush. i told him everything, from how i first started liking him to how he’s gonna help me talk to him and stuff. hE even said that he’s gonna try to make us talk. it lasted long u know, him helping me with my crush and all esp before he moves to a new school bc hes a year above me. sometimes he would tease me abt me ‘staring’ at him when i go to their class. and the thing is, my crush would always give signs that he might like me cause he would raise his head up a lot when he hears my name or stare too when i’m not looking (sometimes i would catch him). EVEN HIS SISTER ASKED IF I WAS THIS ONE PERSON AND HE GOT ALL DEFENSIVE. it just,,,, makes me so confused and kinda hoping and expecting that he might like me :(( then after a few months like just recently,, i find out that my best friend has mixed feelings for me yay! now im confused on my feelings cause my best friend acts different now and the way i see him is different too. idk if i might be starting to like him bc he likes me or bc im actually catching feelings for him. someone help me pls omg


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