It’s rather sad that actual causes such as the Women’s Movement and Black Lives Matter eventually transformed into the Fuck Trump Movement. Seriously, people? Now you’re just being ignorant, regardless of what opinions and reasons you have.

You do realize that the POTUS is just one branch of government, right? Checks and balances, people. The Spoils System was eliminated when one president was killed because of it, so stop your bitching about how “Trump is gonna turn America into the next Nazi Germany”. Stop ruining the reputation of every single movement you find just because you dislike someone who stands as a figurehead.

Over on the West Coast, a couple of my Twitter friends were attending the Women’s March earlier this year. I just feel bad that they were ignorant enough to believe everything that was said represents the original purpose of the Women’s Movement. Who cares if a man in a suit talks shit about women on live television? It’s a very serious issue, sure, but most of the marchers forgot the actual purpose of the movement and brought in the foreign policy, the healthcare reforms, and practically everything that is on the President’s agenda.

Shut up about the “not my President” thing. I’m not a Republican myself, but I have a basic understanding of how the executive branch of government works. If you live in America, he is your president. Stop bitching about it in places that aren’t directly involved in it. All the furious protesting does is drive more moderates away from your cause because you all look like a lynch mob from the 18th century.