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Why am I not good enough?

My husband cheated on me Monday night and I can’t help but feeling why am I not good enough. We had a beautiful baby girl together and I’m not as skinny as I used to be and i have a lot of stretch marks now it makes me feel ugly. I cut my hair almost a year ago so it’s not as long either. I guess he likes long haired skinny girls and I wish I could look like that I do everything I possibly can to keep him happy but I guess I’ll never be good enough. it really hurts deep down and I can’t trust him anymore my heart and our marriage is shattered and it kinda feels like he doesn’t care. I wish I was prettier.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m so sorry honey, my heart is with you. <3

  2. Anonymous

    This here breaks my heart. Please don’t let that spineless asshole make y ou feel like you aren’t good enough. If he was unhappy he ahould have had the balls to man up and talk to you about it.

    Instead he took the fucking coward loser way out by fucking someone else. You did nothing wrong. It is 100% his fault for being a gutless coward.

    Please seek help from family or a trusted friend with moving on from him. The worst thing you can do is stay with the dirtbag because that will just give him the balls to keep on being a dickless douche bag and cheating.

    You’re better off without him and thw quicker you move on with your life and leave the dirtbag behind the better off you will be in the end.

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