Why? Why am I still in this relationship? I’ve been with her for over a year. When we fight, which is pretty often, she turns into such a manipulative bitch trying to twist and turn all of my words. She never says what she means and she never means what she says. She’ll ask me to fuck off multiple times and when I finally decide that I should leave, she’ll say shit like “Oh wow you’re gonna fuckin leave now huh?”. We stay on call for hours without talking just cuz I’m scared of cutting the call because if I do, she’ll bite me in the ass right then and there. There’s no fucking piece of mind. There’s nothing out there in the world that’s worth this torture.
Some fucking girls should roam around with a disclaimer tag saying “Date at your own risk. Your mental health will be compromised.”
I just wanna get out of this shitty relationship. I don’t know what’s keeping me here. I’m never dating again. Fucking bullshit. I feel so fucking helpless and I’ve lost all of my self respect. FUCK my life. FUCK IT.