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Why are guys confusing

OMFG someone help. I cant do this anymore. This stupid ass but yet cute ass but yet confusing ass boy won’t get the frig off my mind. I really really really like him and I know he likes me back but like he doesn’t show it. I know he likes me because he told my bestie but omfg I’ve never been so confused. We talked for a week, then stopped, then talked again, then stopped, and now we’re doing it again. I don’t want to loose him. I honestly just want to be loved and cared about by someone else than my friends and family. I want to be cuddled. I want to have good morning/ night messages. I can see myself with this guy. But idk what to do because the conversations never go anywhere. We also try to meet up but it NEVER works out. Wtf why can’t I just have a fucking boo? Like my friends all have had or have boyfriends but here I am, never had a bf in my life and when I get a chance to this dude fucking plays with my feelings. And that’s not his fault. Someone Hmu and help me.


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My Best Friend?

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  1. Anonymous

    girl tell him how u feels maybe hes shy or hes tryna act ‘cool’ by not talkign to u alot come on some one has to do it if he wont then u do it

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