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Why are you so irresponsible?!?!?

How can one person be so irresponsible. I honestly didn’t think it was possible. Ok, i get it, you have a new boyfriend so you want to spend time with him, however talking until three A.M and then not showing up for class is ridiculous. HE SHOWED UP WHY CAN’T YOU???? This class is critical to your major, you should attend. Although i’ve concluded that her attending classes or not shouldn’t concern me, however if you have a group project with people and they don’t show up to participate THEN I CAN CONCERN MYSELF. Honestly, it was the same excuse of being up till three and having a sore through, but since i had pulled an all-nighter and still showed up to both of my classes i couldn’t care less. I would be more sympathetic if i hadn’t been told by two other people that she was chilling in the social area of the school as i headed to class alone and then later texted me to reschedule. Um… i’m sorry, you and i both know that i had to reschedule a doctors appointment to do this thing today, and you just don’t show up?? At the time i was fortunate to get another appointment in the next two days but i had to reschedule again and now my doctor won’t be around for a while, a while as in September.(She’s unaware of the surgery but she’s aware that i’m not at my peak of health). Now i sit here in pain waiting for my final surgery consultation in September as i try to study and prepare for other classes. And her? Since her birthday just passed she’s out drinking with friends.
Maybe i’m to studious or i’m just not fun or anything, but i feel that when it’s not just your grade on the line you need to be a little more considerate. I’m doing my best currently to avoid her because i might just say something i’ll regret, but that’s not really hard since she hasn’t attended any classes that we share for at least a week or so.


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  1. Someone who has been there

    Drop the person like a rock and stop caring about her. She is toxic and you are feeling that wrath. If she is in a group project with you, take it up with the instructor to make sure he or she is aware of the situation. Don’t let this wench ruin your marks.

    Next time if she’s in a jam, bail on her. Sometimes you have to let a person fall down the flights of stairs of life in order to knock some sense into people. She sounds like one of these folks.

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