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Why does no one notice me? I wear this make-up, and I do my hair, and I act decent. I am a perfectly good girl to go out with. I’m low maintenance, I don’t have that many standards that you have to pass, I smell good, I behave, I have a small temper but I’m not that bad. What I’m saying is, why should I put in all the work to look nice, if no one is every going to notice and appreciate me, and want to get to know me on a deeper level. No nudes, just words and kisses.I am out here being a respectable gal, attracting attention from not a single male soul, while other girls are out there with no self- respect, just leavin their fucking boobs in the fucking wind. What is the point of me doing all this work if no one is ever going to notice. I try, and I try, and I try…. but no one seems to be interested in me. Is it my face, is it the fact that my eyes are so dark they might as well be black? Is it the gap in my teeth? Is it how fat my thighs are? Are my lips too big? Is my forehead too big? Is it my voice? Is it my scars? Is it because I’m too laid back? Are my arms too big? Is my butt weird shaped? Am I ugly? Am I too aggressive? I’m i just not worth it? When is someone going to notice? What am I doing wrong, please, please tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong! I just want someone to take interest in me, just plain old me.


My girlfriend left me.


timing is not key


  1. Sunny

    Speaking from the point of view of a girl who gives off vibes of independence and confidence, I might offend some of you out there but please, do hear me out.

    I think the problem here is that you are trying too hard. You are spending too much unnecessary time on trying to impress others than on yourself. You are just trying to garner attention to yourself but by doing so, you are making others repulsed by your attempts.

    People are going around, trying and dreaming about their ‘other half’, wanting to be validated and somebody to complete them. However, I think that we are fully capable of loving ourselves and letting the people come to us instead of going around desperately trying to search for the ‘right one’. One has to love themself. If not, who would?

    Don’t wear makeup for others. Wear it for yourself.

    Don’t doll up for others. Doll up for yourself.

    Don’t spend time outside trying to hold grasp of somebody’s attention. Spend time outside for yourself.

    Do things for yourself first, make yourself happy first. Then look at the world around you – are you already truly happy when alone, or do you think that somebody else could amplify the amount of joy in your life?

    I mean, this is honestly just my opinion. I don’t think that people need another pair of feet to stand up on when we already have our own. I just hope that my views would broaden yours.

  2. Christine

    I feel you. In so many different levels, hun. :'(
    Same boat.
    It’s like the universe is conspiring against us nice, and decent girls.
    When they say nice guys finish last–that’s partially correct.
    Since most of the time, it also happens to us girls.

    Don’t worry hun, someone out there of the opposite sex might be feeling the same way and is waiting for you. In the meantime, lets build up our self esteems and become stronger. Right now, yes–it would be nice for someone to take an interest.
    But we have to realize that it goes both ways.

    We also have to take our best interests into mind.
    Let’s give so much to ourselves, until such time, we have so much to give. And when that time comes, Mr. nice and decent might come along.
    hopfuly. *sigh*

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