J, when I went into hospital last year with stomach cramps I had no idea that I was in labour. It was a complete shock and a traumatising experience. I did what I had to do though, I stepped tf up and stayed every damn day with her even though I was physically and mentally exhausted, I was in for a week.

Then you decided to have a baby. I supported you all they way through, sending anything I could due to the distance between us. I cheered you on. I tried to comfort you when you were in pain.

You had your baby a couple of days ago and she is beautiful. And I’ll, she’s a very ill little girl that just needs her mama for a while so she can get better and come home to you.

And you’ve left her in there. Sure you plan to visit. Sure you say you feel bad. I hope you feel like shit. I hope you cry yourself to sleep in your comfortable bed while she lies in a cot on a hospital alone, waiting for a nurse to come with her next feed. I’ve never questioned your parenting or your mental health issues up to this point but I’m not sure I could ever forgive you for doing that.