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Why do girls like guys who are complete and utter assholes

I have been recently texting this girl and it is quite obvious she likes this other guy. Well she complains about how he is so mean to me all the time and I just say why don’t you just not text him but she won’t do it. It just pisses me off how this guy can call her a fat slut and things of that nature and she will most definetly choose him over one of her friends who is super nice or even me.


Why do girls like guys who are complete and utter assholes


my mother is terrible

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  1. Ugly duck

    Your last line has your answer. Girls don’t friend zone guys they find physically attractive enough to want more than a friendship with.

    Oh if you ask her she’s not going to straight up admit to it because then she’s risking coming off as a complete and utter stuck up bitch. That is the reality though.

    If she thought you were hot enough to be potential boyfriend material you wouldn’t be stuck in the dreaded friend zone.

    This is not to say that you are ugly or that no girl will ever want a romance with you but everyone has thwir own idea of what is attractive and what isn’t.

    You have two choices. Either accept the fact she is probably never in a trillion years going to find you good enough to be her boyfriend and continue to be there for her as just a friend meaning you have to kearn how to control your obvious attraction for her or if you can’t control how you feel for her and you’re going to want to kick the ass of every guy that treats her like dirt then maybe it is best to cut her completely out of your life.

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