I hate how I catch feelings for this girl, I’ve been friends with her for three years, she rejected me for the first time two years ago.

Recently we started talking and now after 4 months I’ve caught feelings again, I really don’t like it and the reasons of how I caught feelings is that my friend is super touchy and super flirty. We always have matching EVERYTHING when we go out. Also, recently found out that she started talking to this guy AND THEY’VE ONLY KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR IDK 1 WEEK? and she suddenly falls in love with him. I DONT KNOW ANYMORE! Pretty depressing to think about it. It hurts me. I don’t know what else to do. And today I will tell her what I feel and probably get rejected.

I know I know I’m an idiot for not moving on, but I…. for some reason just keeps coming back you know?.

P.S I’m an adult, so this isn’t just a teenager thing