Why do I seem mad mother?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe because on this new “diet” you’ve put us on (it’s been proven unhealthy by many reputable people) I go to sleep with my stomach growling.

Or, maybe it’s because I barely have enough energy to wake up in the morning.

Or, maybe it’s because when I tell you that this isn’t healthy, you totally ignore me. I don’t care if you want to suffer, but don’t drag me into it. I’m not some toy that you can do anything to. I’m my own person. Just because I’m young and still in school doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts.

Or maybe, JUST maybe, it’s that those three reasons are adding on to the stresses of being a teenager, and being emotionally and mentally fragile as a result of being a teenager, it really hurts. I cry myself to sleep most nights.

I think I have a pretty good reason to be mad at you mother.